Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Starbucks® Collage Series: #1

April 23 - Dropped off hubby to his job interview somewhere in Makati. Just what I needed...some time alone to update my planner and to jot down my ideas. I found a nearby Starbucks® and I immediately need a sugar rush...not the sugar from the Frappuccino but from the rich & moist chocolate cake!

In between bites of the chocolate cake, an idea popped! I'm going to make a COLLAGE using Starbucks® fliers! I already have images running in my brain of how I want it to look like but I haven't even tried making a collage! Lakas ng loob 'no?! Though I've been wanting to create it (I already have my blank canvas, gesso, Mod Podge for the longest time!), the fear in me kept me from doing it.

So, I sketched it before I lose it in my memory.... talk about memory gap! ;) Finished my cake and went back to my car. No, I didn't take some Starbucks® fliers because I've been collecting them for quite some time now, hehe. Wala lang...I just like the looking at the layout and design maybe someday they might be useful. :)

A week passed by and I haven't done my collage because I was thinking why... why in the world I want to create a collage using Starbucks® fliers eh I'm not even a coffee drinker! Though, I love Starbucks® because it is where my friends and I share stories of our lives, it is my "sanctuary" when I need some time alone to organize my thoughts, it is where my kids, hubby and I share some weekend breakfasts together - so many wonderful memories! But still, I kept asking myself why.

Then came along Bo Sanchez' weekly was about the story of the carrot, egg and coffee bean. When I saw it, I knew I already read the same article shared by a friend some years back. I even remembered (o ha! no memory gap! hehe!) that I posted it on my blog. After reading it again, I knew the reason why Starbucks®...why coffee bean. It will serve as my constant reminder that I should be a coffee bean in this life. I don't have to be a coffee connoisseur exactly, but to be like what the coffee bean becomes after going through the heat (struggles, problems, difficulties in life) and that is, to release my sweetest aroma (to become the best that I can be) after all that I've been through.

May we all be COFFEE BEANS! :)