Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Girls -Class 3

Along with fellow Pinay scrappers, I made it to Class 3 of Bad Girls Design School. This week's lesson is about Design Elements.

I chose
direction-oblique as my element on my layout to show Vcoy's neck mimicking the swan's. I used BIG chipboard SWIRLS to complement the BIG PICTURE of Vcoy and to lead the direction to my layout's title BEAUTY then towards the picture then down to the (hidden) journaling.

I used WHITE as my color (the black border is not included on the layout) because Vcoy's shirt matches the swan and I find his facial expression as pure...beautiful, hence the title.

The pull-out journaling further moves the direction downwards to the stamped swirls.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Flipside of Me

Last Friday night, I wanted to just "play". So I pulled out my recent photos from our Ilocos trip and made a quick layout. I wanted to document these pictures (though I've been having second thoughts of posting these! hehe) for my kids to see me - not just their mother, but as a person - a normal person who can be flip sometimes (or should I say, most of the times!)...that IT IS OK to be yourself even if you look funny! My kids laughed (ewan ko kung pang-asar yung tawa nila kasi tawang-tawa talaga sila sa akin, knowing Loui, my 5-year old daughter, she has this laughter that will tell you that you REALLY are FUNNY!) when I showed them the finished layout. "Mommy is so funny!" (with matching tawa yan ha!). Suddenly, I began to think "did I made the right decision???? -to make that layout in the first place, then second, to show it to them????" Oh well, I guess, my layout was effective, coz my children saw me on that layout and that is how I want them to remember me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wide Eyed Wonder

I passed the 1st class of Bad Girls so I'm off to Class 2: Texture and Dimension given by our "teacher", a good friend, Iris Uy.

Phew! This class made me do handstitching again after almost 20 years! For this layout, I used the pictures I took of my newest nephew, Patrick. He's sooo adorable and his eyes are cute as a button! Good thing the materials I already have in my stash matched Patrick's jeans & checkered shirt.

For texture: I used a tag with fabric; added a lace on the flower chipboard & ribbons on tag & as photo corner; embossed the " flower stem"; used a denim pocket of my daughter's old pants (to mimic Patrick's pants)

For dimension: I used buttons, mini wooden clothes peg, chipboard flower & "stem", sewing on doodles then mounting with foam squares; cut out circles on PPs then mount with glue dots; made a transparency frame with acrylic paint on edges. *** Also, I intended to let the flower "hang over" the edge of the paper coz for me, scrapbooking should not really be limited to just 12"x12" or squares or should be whatever your heart desires! :)
Journaling (on tag inside the denim pocket): Patrick, The first time I saw you, I fell in love with your "cute-as-a-button" eyes! Love you! - Tita

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yessss!!!!! After 5 years, I have finally uploaded my new website after the failed attempt weeks ago! Though I still have 3 more galleries to do in a couple of days, I decided to upload it to "test" if I really got it correct this time.

May I invite you to come over and "tour" our new store. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. :)

Will upload more photos & products next week. Got to get some rest now...

Happy weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Our ^Everyday^ Story

I'm on a creative roll! Thanks to all those challenges & gorgeous layouts my scrapping friends are churning week per week! Its enough for me to get my mojo back and work on my pictures waiting to be scrapped. Besides, I owe my parents years of pictures of their apo's and so when I had our pictures printed, I intended to send them some random shots of our everyday life.

I'm so loving the 1.5" square pics that I did in Photoshop. A 4R size picture has actually 6 pictures in it! Cheaper huh! :) And the size is just right if you are making a mini album.

Here are some shots of the mini album from 7 Gypsies that I took today. It took me 1 night and half-day to finish it. That is just right for me. I like projects that don't take much time to finish coz they take out the fun in it (in my case)!

You can check out the complete book here.

My website update: yes, I'm working on it the whole day! I'm crossing my fingers and hopefully I get to upload my new website tonight when hubby comes home (I need his technical expertise on this err, someone who will wait for the files to upload while I watch muna! hehe)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad Girls Top Designer - Color Theory

After being eliminated at the Scrappin Moms Idol (I was not able to submit a layout last week coz we were in the hospital), I wanted to continue making at least 1 layout per week. I think I'm better when I have a deadline to meet! hehehe. So I joined Bad Girls Top Designer contest. It is like a class where there is a lesson to learn per week and assignment to submit. There will also be "suspensions" (eliminations) every week so I don't know how long will I be in the class! A LOT of beautiful layouts from all over the world, I feel like my layout is sooo simple! But I'm happy coz I'm being productive again in terms for scrapping. (My bad...I was not able to work on my website today, yay!)

Here's my "Alike" layout. I love this picture of Loui. At an early age (1 y/o), she is quirky! She shows signs of Airees-in-the-making! hehehe. I used red because of the bandana she was wearing. I don't know why I'm into reds lately. Maybe it was one of my entries for the Scrappin Moms Idol where I used red as my color.

I managed to work on a mini book (yes!) tonight but I still have to work on my journaling tomorrow. Will send this to my parents as a gift. Guess what color? Red pa din! I just love the vintage look of Jenni Bowlin papers I got from Scrapbukan, I end up using it in all of my layouts lately!

Journaling: "Hmm....a lot of people always tell me that I look a lot my mom when she was younger... "Little Airees" they say. I guess I am. We are both quirky not to mention we are both clumsy! (look at my chin!) But most of all, me & my mom are alike not just on the looks, but also our love for art."

Materials used: Bazzill cardstock (red & beige); Urban Lily patterned paper (flower), Jenni Bowlin (text background); Colorbok vintage alpha stickers; Autumn leaves buttons; Maya Road chipboard (a); Making Memories red acrylic paint; Versacolor inkpad; embossing powder; photo turns with brads (unbranded); miscellaneous ribbon; pen, adhesive & foam squares.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recent upload on

Mabelle and the team of MyScrapworks recently uploaded new articles for the site. May I invite you to come and visit us. And while you're there, please take a look at my new Trash-to-Treasure project.

Oh, and I get to "play" with acrylic sheets this time courtesy of M. The first project was to make a layout using a 12"x12" acrylic sheet. This was challenging for me since I haven't really tried working on transparencies what more on acrylic! Besides, I'm afraid I'd mess up the layout and it will really become very obvious!! :) But in the end, I loved how it turned out. The acrylic sheet is thick enough to hold your embellies unlike transparencies.

The 2nd project was a 3-panel 6"x6" acrylic sheets. Now, this one really cracked my brain! I've been planning to try working on minis but when I am faced with the actual size, I can't do it! I feel so claustrophobic that I end up putting all my materials back to my "to-do later" box! But this time, I cannot, since I already gave M my word that I will do this. :) It turned out good but now I realized maybe I should have put more cute rub-ons to enhance the pages but I am just starting my love affair for rub-ons so I only have a few. Maybe another acrylic mini book is needed for me to clearly see the beauty of this material with rub-ons, acrylic paints & stamps! Go ahead and try for yourself! You've got nothing to hide!

New Week, New Look

First of all, I would like to THANK everyone who emailed & SMSd me, left a message on my cbox wishing me and my family well. Salamat po! Your prayers have helped us to recover faster.

We had such a challenging week last week. I don't want to say "bad" week for I believe that we all have to go through life's lessons. I am just happy to say that we are on our road to recovery especially my son.

And so I decided to change the look of my blog by upgrading to a "drag & drop" editing rather than HTML coding! I have been wondering for quite some time how my blogger friends easily add links & other stuff on their blogs while I, on the other hand, can't figure it out! Duh????!!! This is still a work in progress though. I still have my own website to upload very soon.

For now, I just posted to let you know that I'm still ALIVE! Haha! Lots of emails to reply, layout to finish and website to work on. A very busy week ahead.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Everyone in our household are caught with a nasty flu virus last weekend. I advised my staff not to report for work so as not to spread the virus to their own household. My son and I are having a bad case of asthma attack and we are on our way to confine him to the hospital. I just hope my pulmonologist will not advise me to be confined as well.

Goodbye to Round 4 of Scrappin Moms idol. I cannot make it to this round as the remaining strength I have right now is only enough for the needs of my sick children and husband. Goodluck to everyone! Please pray for our fast recovery. Thank you in advance.