Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Been a bad blogger again but with valid reasons:

- Mom went home and stayed with us for almost a month which meant that I am officially her driver! No pun intended. I liked it because we continued our bonding time after I surprised her a 2 months earlier for a visit ;) Went shopping & ate out and just by simply driving along with her we had our long talks from jokes to sentiments to motherly & daughterly advices. Oh, I'm missing her now that she's back to the US.

- After mom left, I had to catch up with work! I'm not complaining though. I love how I am more involved with the production unlike for quite some time I've focused on designing. But this leaves me little time to FB ;) and more so blogging! But I am thankful - for this job I can call - I still love what I do and the heartwarming messages I get from every client after receiving their invites all the more inspire me to pursue my passion!

So now, I don't know when will I post again but I do hope this will not be the last for this year, haha! Have to go work on my speech (?!) for tomorrow's event. Secret muna...I just hope I'll make it good tomorrow. :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings! :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

hello blog.

been neglecting my blog for some months now...a lot of things happened - good & bad, happy & sad, exciting & boring, blessing & curse - all sorts! But i just can't find the right words to write here.

I found this quote today and inspired me to play with these colors and maybe start making my "notes to self" everyday IF, that is a BIG IF, I find time to make one. Oh well, it depends on when the inspiration kicks in.

I hope this is a good start for me...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mt. Rushmore Child Learning Center Graduation Speech

In 2 weeks time, Loui will be in Grade 1, and another exciting year has begun. New friends & classmates, lots of school activities (which means more photo op for mommy = more photos = need to scrap them) exams every week! I will miss our everyday lunch together and our home will be 4 hrs. quieter until she & Vcoy come home from school.

I'd like to share my Thank You speech before the parents and graduates during Loui's Graduation in Pre-School after she had her Graduation Speech.

"Good afternoon parents, teachers, ate’s & kuya’s and graduates. I am very honored to have the privilege of speaking in front of you today. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all the parents and families for a JOB WELL DONE! WE made the right decision to enroll our children in Mt. Rushmore Child Learning Center. We would not be able to see our children as to what they have become in the past 3 years without our wise decision and continued support to them. THANK YOU!

Teacher Ella, we thank you for the passion and courage in putting up Mt. Rushmore. We know how much sacrifice you have been doing being away from your children in order to provide our children the best school environment you can give. In God’s perfect time, we know you will be with us soon.

I never knew how important the role of a pre-school is teacher until I saw my children evolved from their 1st day in Nursery until today. Pre-school teachers are the ones that lay the strong foundation in our children that will empower them as they move on to the challenges of the big schools. And with that, THANK YOU to all the Teachers and caregivers. Keep the passion for teaching burning in your hearts. It is my fervent hope that more teachers will stay and teach the Filipino children. For whatever mistakes we made in our society, OUR CHILDREN have the power to correct them and make a change.

To the parents – it is not enough that we send our children to good schools. Nothing beats our love and attention to make them better persons. Believe in their abilities…encourage them to speak what’s on their minds… and listen to them… support them… while they pursue whatever interest they have.

And to you, our dear graduates, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK, SPEAK OUT… BUT ALWAYS with RESPECT. Everyday is an opportunity to LEARN and EXPLORE NEW THINGS. For it is not only your parents & teachers who teach you but we also LEARN FROM YOU. Again, congratulations & good luck to all of you."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

We heard mass at 9am then off to the mall for an early lunch. Vic and I wanted to try the other restaurants but the kids wanted ang walang kamatayang Shakey's! Vic asked me what I want but for me anything goes. Tutal, I like their creamy mushroom soup and chicken so its ok. Plus seeing my kids happy with their mojos and dip, pizza and chicken, happy na din ako.

The night before I was working at my office when they surprised me with this:


Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Starbucks Planner 2009

This is long overdue. I've taken the shots last January but I was not able to post it here since blogging took a backseat 1st quarter of this year.
Vic gifted me this Starbucks Planner last December 2007. Since I am not a coffee/frap drinker, the only way I could get this planner is to ask my husband to get it for me. :) Mababaw lang ako - masaya na ko with a gift like this. What made me even happier was this note he wrote for me. He rarely writes love notes and so this one is something very special for us.

When Starbucks released its 2009 Planner, I was very disappointed. Most people I know share the same sentiment. So as not to overload Vic with caffeine again this year, I thought maybe I could re-use the 2008 planner.

I got used to the layout of the planner and the system really worked for me. The OC in me, I decided to make my own and printed on a similar paper and I liked it! Now, I can use this planner over and over. Will just print the refills yearly and I am perfectly OK with it. :)

I actually thought of printing refills and selling them to those who would like to re-use their 2008 Starbucks planner with a personalized refill but work filled up my time at 'di ko na na-career! :) I'll just make sure next year to move the dates a bit to the right coz when I punched the fillers, this is how it looks like! nyay!

Thank you, Mahal! :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Busy Hands

It was raining hard yesterday and kids had nothing to do but watch, play with their toys and eat! This summer I tried to be more lenient with them which means no fixed schedule except their daily Kumon worksheets. I just let them play and recently, helped out in the kitchen baking cookies and cupcakes.

Vcoy knows how to fix our bed and he's gotten used to it that one day I automatically fixed it (coz I used to do it myself) and he complained. He asked me why I fixed the bed when he is the one to do it! Oo nga Mommy hindi consistent! :)

Meanwhile, Loui's task is to help clean up the dining table after lunch and sometimes, dinner, since she's ALWAYS the last one to finish! We've been recording her eating time for a year now to prepare her when she enters big school but sadly, on the scale of 1-10, maybe a 1 would do. Both of them wash their own glass every after meal.

Every afternoon they let their rabbit out in the garden for some stretching :) Ikaw ba naman ang ikulong sa cage the 1 buong araw pag hindi ka ni-rayuma! hehe! Afterwards, its patintero time with our neighbors - from the kids to the yayas to yours truly! I can say that my kids learn more about Filipino when they play with the other kids and its good that they learn to play patintero. I grew up playing the game and its a wonderful childhood memory that I also want my children to have when they grow older.

Yesterday, while my kids were watching tv, Loui, always with busy hands, made this:

She has a gift and we want to nurture it even if it means marker stains on her clothes and our bedsheets, ok lang! I keep all her drawings and would love someday to compile all of them in one book. :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I don't have any good title for this blog entry...

Been feeling under the weather for the past days....physically, I feel so drained with work though it hasn't been really that toxic. Its when I have long days of official vacation when I feel so tired doing nothing! My usual migraine attacked last week and it lasted for 4 days. I can feel that its still there but enough to tolerate it without taking any meds.

Most of the things on my to-do list have not been checked due changes in schedule with hubby having gastroenteritis and I have to accompany him for check-up. Good thing he's doing ok now and most likely will report to work tomorrow. I, on the other hand, still have my neck pain and I feel warm...parang magkaka-flu ako! Nyay!

I don't want to stay in bed because all the more I will feel sick. So I started going through my piles of paper & stuff in my home-office which I started spring cleaning last week. With good music playing in the background, I finished cleaning my room finally! It feels so good getting rid of stuff lying around accumulating dust and taking up space. I think I'm off for a fresh start.

And speaking of fresh start, a few things will be unfolding in the coming days... work, kids, etc., which I am so excited to share here. :) For now, just want to share this layout I made last year! Yep, last year. Thanks to my dear friend Anj. If not for her birthday celebration, I would not have scrapped 2 layouts in 2008. Haha!
My last layout for 2008 was in honor of my parents. They may not be the perfect couple but in 42 years that they have been married, they finally realized that they cannot live without each other - warts and all! ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do I look? :)

I'm currently tweaking my blog design (again!). I'm in the mood for updating my website and blog with all the design goodies from this.... such an eye candy! Thanks to Rhonna Farrer for this beautiful blogger header & background.

Comments/suggestions are welcome except on the title! I know, I know...its looks awful. :) Well, I just wanted to use my Wacom tablet that is begging me to use her for the longest time! More practice.....haha!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mobile phone was stolen!

EDITED March 23 - My Globe # has been RESTORED but you can still contact me thru my other numbers. Thanks!

Just when I have the time to post on my blog again it would have to be a sad news :(

Just today, after watching Christian Bautista at Robinson's Place with my kids, I noticed my trusty N73 & camera case were stolen from my bag! :( I was holding the camera and we were about to leave the mall. My bag's zipper was half-open and it was just a split second. I had the bag infront of me but for the very short moment when I lifted my arm to take a quick shot of Christian, GONE! Oh well, I am just sad more so because of the contact numbers, pictures & videos I have in it. :(

Anyway, the number 09178132821 is temporarily disconnected (I had the phone cancelled. Good thing I had the IMEI # with me). It will be restored within the week but you may contact me thru my other mobile # 0922-248-3456 or landline 517-3742. Thank you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Awards

A good friend Mia gave me these awards. Thanks, Mia, for remembering me (even if I rarely update this blog! hehe)I need to mention 5 addictions and pass on to 5 bloggers:

I'm addicted to:
1) chocolates + coke - they are my "rewards" for a day of work

2) books, magazines, journals - i'm OC when it comes to my books & magazines: i like them arranged neatly and in order in my bookshelf. I don't like them to have creases.

3) scrapbooking stuff, cute papers, especially handmade papers - obvious ba?!

4) my computer + internet - i need these to run my business

5) right now, i'm into gel pens, glitter pens in different colors!

Most of the friends have this award already, so just consider yourself tagged by me. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Address...

First of all, a prosperous New Year to all of you! Kung Hei Fat Choi na din! :)

Nope, we didn't change residence but our showroom did, its actually Alain & Mhay's new venture - from Matus Jewellery they evolved their shop into a wedding boutique to cater to soon-to-wed couples everything they need from invitations to give-aways. I am very happy to be a part of the showroom. My samples can now be viewed there, 7 days a week, mall hours.

We had our showroom blessing last Friday, Jan.16, but I was not able to come due to migraine + vertigo. Driving all by myself to Manila is not a good idea so I just stayed at home.

On the homefront, seems like the flu virus is just going around the household, blame it on the cold weather we are experiencing right now. Maybe that 's the way it is - you get cool weather but with a bonus virus! I am just glad that the kids have recovered fast enough in time for their school exams.

On the business side, work has been busy after New Year... I cannot complain. I get excited on new projects, new clients... that's the beauty of what I do - it is never boring! :) I would love to update my blog and even start a new blog dedicated to my business but I just don't have the powers right now. FOCUS has been my word since 2008 and it still is this year.

For now, will have to wrap up the production this week and start on new projects, too. I just hope my Globe broadband will be up very soon since we don't have internet connection for almost a week now!!! Haaayyy....