Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I don't have any good title for this blog entry...

Been feeling under the weather for the past days....physically, I feel so drained with work though it hasn't been really that toxic. Its when I have long days of official vacation when I feel so tired doing nothing! My usual migraine attacked last week and it lasted for 4 days. I can feel that its still there but enough to tolerate it without taking any meds.

Most of the things on my to-do list have not been checked due changes in schedule with hubby having gastroenteritis and I have to accompany him for check-up. Good thing he's doing ok now and most likely will report to work tomorrow. I, on the other hand, still have my neck pain and I feel warm...parang magkaka-flu ako! Nyay!

I don't want to stay in bed because all the more I will feel sick. So I started going through my piles of paper & stuff in my home-office which I started spring cleaning last week. With good music playing in the background, I finished cleaning my room finally! It feels so good getting rid of stuff lying around accumulating dust and taking up space. I think I'm off for a fresh start.

And speaking of fresh start, a few things will be unfolding in the coming days... work, kids, etc., which I am so excited to share here. :) For now, just want to share this layout I made last year! Yep, last year. Thanks to my dear friend Anj. If not for her birthday celebration, I would not have scrapped 2 layouts in 2008. Haha!
My last layout for 2008 was in honor of my parents. They may not be the perfect couple but in 42 years that they have been married, they finally realized that they cannot live without each other - warts and all! ;)

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