Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Starbucks Planner 2009

This is long overdue. I've taken the shots last January but I was not able to post it here since blogging took a backseat 1st quarter of this year.
Vic gifted me this Starbucks Planner last December 2007. Since I am not a coffee/frap drinker, the only way I could get this planner is to ask my husband to get it for me. :) Mababaw lang ako - masaya na ko with a gift like this. What made me even happier was this note he wrote for me. He rarely writes love notes and so this one is something very special for us.

When Starbucks released its 2009 Planner, I was very disappointed. Most people I know share the same sentiment. So as not to overload Vic with caffeine again this year, I thought maybe I could re-use the 2008 planner.

I got used to the layout of the planner and the system really worked for me. The OC in me, I decided to make my own and printed on a similar paper and I liked it! Now, I can use this planner over and over. Will just print the refills yearly and I am perfectly OK with it. :)

I actually thought of printing refills and selling them to those who would like to re-use their 2008 Starbucks planner with a personalized refill but work filled up my time at 'di ko na na-career! :) I'll just make sure next year to move the dates a bit to the right coz when I punched the fillers, this is how it looks like! nyay!

Thank you, Mahal! :)

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Liza said...

Naku Airees, I did the same thing to my 2008 Starbucks planner! Actually, recycled it to be my scrap/personal planner. I actually had 3 of these in 2008, 2 from Nelo and 1 from my bestfriend. This was the best Starbucks planner for me. Naku, I'll definitely be getting a filler from you for 2010 if you do decide to create one. Great to see you blogging again.