Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mobile phone was stolen!

EDITED March 23 - My Globe # has been RESTORED but you can still contact me thru my other numbers. Thanks!

Just when I have the time to post on my blog again it would have to be a sad news :(

Just today, after watching Christian Bautista at Robinson's Place with my kids, I noticed my trusty N73 & camera case were stolen from my bag! :( I was holding the camera and we were about to leave the mall. My bag's zipper was half-open and it was just a split second. I had the bag infront of me but for the very short moment when I lifted my arm to take a quick shot of Christian, GONE! Oh well, I am just sad more so because of the contact numbers, pictures & videos I have in it. :(

Anyway, the number 09178132821 is temporarily disconnected (I had the phone cancelled. Good thing I had the IMEI # with me). It will be restored within the week but you may contact me thru my other mobile # 0922-248-3456 or landline 517-3742. Thank you!