Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For the past 2 weeks, I and my staff are working on 2 big orders from the U.S. Coincidentally, both brides are from California and invite style they wanted was also the same but the colors are different. This is actually another version of my "Natasha" invite which I originally designed for an Australian client. As much as I wanted to make each piece of my work unique, some clients wanted to use my existing design. However, I still make it unique but applying some touches on it.

The first bride's color motif is purple, sage green & ecru. But honestly, even if you tell me sage green, apple green, celadon green - I cannot really tell exactly which is which because for every client that I encountered, they have their own version of green, whatever shade it is! So what I do is to let them choose among our green swatches. :)

For the inserts, I used our off-white handmade paper embedded with sweet honesty flowers (statis in the native dialect).

The tri-fold envelope has 3 kinds embedded flowers in it - statis, seruwalai & i-still-can't-remember-that-yellow-flower's-name! They add depth on the paper and the fibers add texture and the handmade feel. The green border thingy is actually another piece of paper that serves as a mat.

This kind of invitation is more labor-intensive since I have to adhere everything on the green mat but its ok with me. That's part of the process. :)

On my next post I'll show the plum & fuschia version of this 6"x8" trifold invite. Gotta go for a delivery.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tadaah!!! My First Canvass Painting! :)

Growing up as a kid, I've dreamed of one day having my own painting, even just 1! In 1991, I tried painting names of my college friend in watercolor and tracing paper and gave them as gifts. Those were the days when painting was my outlet - you know, teenage life... instead of being a drama queen, painting somehow calmed me.

Years passed by and with a course that demands the maximum use of my left brain pulled me away from my creative pursuits. I used to bake, paint, sew, draw (but not really D-R-A-W ha, I was happy with my stick people!). It was when I put up my desktop publishing shop (1994-2000) that I rediscovered my love for designing. After getting married and becoming pregnant with my 1st baby that I began to work with my hands again, this time not just the mouse but with scissors, glue, punchers, etc. Its another story.... :) Anyway, without further adieu, here is my first canvass. Thanks to Claudine Hellmuth for the inspiration. But this is far from her work! (drum roll please...hahaha!)

Everybody in the household laughed at it! Loui, my girl, likes it but she said "Mommy, it looks funny!" and Vcoy's reaction when he saw it and I asked him if he likes it: "yeaaaaaahhhhh" (parang napilitan lang sya!). I even offered my staff that they will be my next "guinea pigs", hahaha! "Thanks, but no thanks!", they said.

I can almost see you grinning from ear to ear right now. Yeah, it really IS funny! For one, my legs are awful! Looks like I have rheumatoid arthritis! I can't even draw decent feet! Oh well... BUT I am happy with it. I enjoyed the process. The feelings I used to have back in college while I was painting came back. That feeling of being free to do whatever you like, just going with the flow, drawing again (this is my "next" attempt from stick people!)

But I know I still have lots to learn....more canvasses and paints to waste (not really as in waste, since I'd still be keeping them)...more "guinea pigs" to use, haha! Would you like to be one? :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy day

Today is printing day! My printer churned out hundreds of pages for the invitations I am making. Though it is due not 'til next week, I just can't seem to move on to my other TO-DOs without finishing this. Have pending emails to reply to, designs to work on, aaghh! No, I am not fact I love the adrenalin rush. But there are times like this when my mind and body don't like to multi-task! :)

On the homefront, I am now working on my newly-painted home-office cum studio. I have my own tv & dvd player to keep me company at times. At least, I can work while I watch my favorite shows (and not Nick Jr. or Disney Channel playing on the background!) But I noticed that my kids also started hanging out more often here than in our bedroom! And what do they do here? Play PSP or watch Disney Channel, Nick Jr., NG & Discovery! Oh well, I guess it comes in the package when you work at home. :)

I tweaked some stuff here on my blog to make it more "presentable". I managed to add a quote. Still have to work on some graphic stuffs & the links but that can wait. Tomorrow will be some more printing then I'm off to work on designs and emails. I'm totally excited to get my hands dirty on a new medium that I'll be trying. Will let you know about it when I have come up with something I can show you.

Time for a change...

Haaayyy!!! The OC in me wanted to change the look of my blog for the longest time but I don't have the luxury of time to work on it. Today, after finishing printing, I told myself that I will finally work on this. After 6 hours of making the new header and tinkering with html, this is what I got - haaayyyy!!!! Well at least I took the first step. I still wanted to add a few graphics, credits for the digital elements (, update the links & post the big question is when??? Well I do hope to update my blog more often. Let's see...

Anyway, lately, I'm into aqua and white. I even painted my home-office with it and even our bedroom but added pink to add some girly touch to our room. I guess the colors reflect the way I feel (and wanted to feel) - calm, peaceful and simple. :)