Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy day

Today is printing day! My printer churned out hundreds of pages for the invitations I am making. Though it is due not 'til next week, I just can't seem to move on to my other TO-DOs without finishing this. Have pending emails to reply to, designs to work on, aaghh! No, I am not fact I love the adrenalin rush. But there are times like this when my mind and body don't like to multi-task! :)

On the homefront, I am now working on my newly-painted home-office cum studio. I have my own tv & dvd player to keep me company at times. At least, I can work while I watch my favorite shows (and not Nick Jr. or Disney Channel playing on the background!) But I noticed that my kids also started hanging out more often here than in our bedroom! And what do they do here? Play PSP or watch Disney Channel, Nick Jr., NG & Discovery! Oh well, I guess it comes in the package when you work at home. :)

I tweaked some stuff here on my blog to make it more "presentable". I managed to add a quote. Still have to work on some graphic stuffs & the links but that can wait. Tomorrow will be some more printing then I'm off to work on designs and emails. I'm totally excited to get my hands dirty on a new medium that I'll be trying. Will let you know about it when I have come up with something I can show you.

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