Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For the past 2 weeks, I and my staff are working on 2 big orders from the U.S. Coincidentally, both brides are from California and invite style they wanted was also the same but the colors are different. This is actually another version of my "Natasha" invite which I originally designed for an Australian client. As much as I wanted to make each piece of my work unique, some clients wanted to use my existing design. However, I still make it unique but applying some touches on it.

The first bride's color motif is purple, sage green & ecru. But honestly, even if you tell me sage green, apple green, celadon green - I cannot really tell exactly which is which because for every client that I encountered, they have their own version of green, whatever shade it is! So what I do is to let them choose among our green swatches. :)

For the inserts, I used our off-white handmade paper embedded with sweet honesty flowers (statis in the native dialect).

The tri-fold envelope has 3 kinds embedded flowers in it - statis, seruwalai & i-still-can't-remember-that-yellow-flower's-name! They add depth on the paper and the fibers add texture and the handmade feel. The green border thingy is actually another piece of paper that serves as a mat.

This kind of invitation is more labor-intensive since I have to adhere everything on the green mat but its ok with me. That's part of the process. :)

On my next post I'll show the plum & fuschia version of this 6"x8" trifold invite. Gotta go for a delivery.

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Christine said...

Airees, that invite is really lovely!