Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Now it can be told.... (a long post!)

First of all, a huge THANK YOU and SORRY to anyone who visited my blog only to find out that I haven't updated it in ages! :(

From my last post, I thought I was ready to come back into scrapping and blogging but I wasn't. I had thoughts running across my mind wanting to tell the universe whatever I wanted to share but when I log on to my blogger, I just can't.

On the scrapping scene, I haven't scrapped in months! I just don't have the mojo to create and I feel like I'm an outcast in the local scrapbooking groups...I'm not sure why I feel this but maybe because I chose not to be in the scene. Why? Its not because of anyone or anything. I just had to trim down my priorities and activities which finally became clear to me after I came back from the states. Those are: my kids' schooling, my business and my own studies. Yes, I went back to school.

Sometime in May when I drove hubby to a job interview, I visited my school which is a few blocks away. At first, I went to the other school (CSB) to inquire about their design courses but thoughts of going back to Main came across since I know I still have an unfinished business there. I am 9 units + thesis away from my Computer Science degree. Its a long story as to why it took me so long in this course (thesis group problems, business and eventually getting married + being a mother to 2) but all I can say is I've never been a bum! I lived a fulfilling life, a so-called career maybe (if putting up 2 businesses count) and being there for my children in the first 7 years of their lives full-time in a way since I work at home. I didn't regret anything... I just couldn't stand leaving my very young children then to the care of the nanny.

I really believe that God has His own plans for us... He is the Master Planner of our lives. Just when I thought I will never pursue my course till the end, an idle time led me to pay a visit to my school and inquire if I can still enroll. "We are just waiting for you to come back....Immortal ka na dito, we cannot deny you enrolment." These words as spoken by the Vice-Dean's Academic Assistant. And as if everything fell into place, they gave me the forms to have them signed that day and asked me to come back since 2 of the 3 remaining subjects would be special classes since they don't offer it anymore.

After hubby's job interview, I told him about it and he was the usual very supportive husband. I love my husband! :) Kids are now older, 6 & 7, one in big school and 1 in prep and spend most of the time in school so Mommy can now also spend some time in school! And a blessing indeed that I only get to go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the 3 subjects (2 were 1x a week only) so it wouldn't take a lot of my time for the kids' homework & reviews plus a time for me to work on my business.

And so, that is WHY I have been MIA on this blog. I realized I have to trim down my activities and priorities FOR NOW because I need to FOCUS on what matters most at hand. And I guess I have succeeded so far because I finally made it!!!! I finished my 3 subjects for this term with flying colors!!!! Yahooo!!!!! Hahahaha! I cried last week after my project defense that required me to learn and make a courseware in Adobe Flash in 2 weeks time! It was indeed a fast 1st term for me. Time quickly passed by and now I am done with the 9 units! But its not yet finished... I still have to work on my thesis which is a teachware using Adobe Flash that I have to defend by March 2009. So my blogging here is just the time I have for now before I start to work on my thesis. I am positive and more than inspired to work on it though since it will involve my passions: designing, the environment and teaching. So pray for me so I will have the strength to do this. The finished project will (I hope) be a significant contribution to what our world needs today - environmental awareness and teaching our kids about it.

For the past months, I didn't subscribe to the yahoogroups so I am unaware of what's happening in the scrapping arena. I only get to read some blogs of friends, oh how I miss them! But I am contented for now just to read their blogs, see their beautiful creations. Sometimes the feeling of guilt & littleness (if there's a word) creeps in but I keep in mind that each has her own world, I have mine and I have a set of priorities that I need to focus for now. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if I make a layout or 2, but I will only do it if and when I feel like doing it, not because of whatever outside pressure.

On the homefront, kids are doing fine. Vcoy is in CSA and he's now enjoying it though the first 2 weeks were torture for him (waking up early, the long bus ride, writing a lot!) but hubby is right, he just have to go through it to learn. (my heart breaks when I see him still sleepy during breakfast but I learned also). Loui is becoming more and more creative (like mommy!) - doodling, cartooning, anything that will keep her hands busy. They were supportive also of my schooling especially the last 2 weeks when I was working on my Flash project. They were my UATs (User Acceptance Testing). Now, they are happier to see me everyday when they come home from school.

On the business side, I'm officially back to work preparing for our exhibit at the Wedding Expo Philippines this weekend. Its the start of the wedding season in the Philippines so things will be busier around here.

Whew! Thank you for reading this (do I still have readers here???). Hopefully I get to update this regularly. Cheers to more blogposts!!! :) And lastly, I just want to share with you the splash screen content I made in my project:

"Be the change you wish to see in this world." - Gandhi


Christine said...

finally, a post! :)

thanks for sharing your journey, Airees! good luck with your thesis!

Anna Zalamea said...

Airees, I am so happy and proud of you for going back to finish your courses. That takes a lot of commitment especially with so much going on in your life! Good luck on your thesis!

Anonymous said...

hey, airees! glad you are slowly inching your way into the groove of things. and you're back to school! YAY! bilib ako sa iyo, goodluck is in order.

just pop in anytime there's an EB. "belong na belong" ka pa din, sister :)

Liza said...

hi airees! congrats on finishing your corse. one more hurdle and you are officially a graduate! super happy for you for finally fulfilling that chapter in your life.

and it's definitely even great to be "hearing" from you again. we miss you in the groups. we definitely would love to see you back!

good luck on the thesis, ilang buwan na lang yan. hope to see you around soon!