Monday, September 22, 2008

Natatawa ako! Hahaha! >:)

What a lame title you might think but its just how I feel today....

I started the day with a prayer and a promise to myself that I will be productive this week...tama na yung petiks petiks last weekend (as in BB = buhay baboy = kain, tulog, snack, nuod tv, kain ulet). Had my try to have a healthy breakfast of whole wheat bread but with a gracious spread of Queensland butter. hehehe. You see, I'm just trying to eat healthy here but I cannot take whole wheat bread, plain, just like that. I felt like eating a cup of brown rice with no viand! So, I promised bosing that I will eat whole wheat bread BUT with butter. Bahala na kung kelan ko ma-take na tanggalin ang butter! :) At least I made a small step in eating healthier foods. nyay!

After breakfast, checked my emails, logged on to my ym to greet bosing good morning before he goes on to his presentation today... (no, he's not actor but a part of his job is to convince their client that the project they are working on is moving ie., nagtatrabaho naman sila, hehehe). Then I checked my favorite blogs then checked my lotto ticket if I already won 65M. Hmmm, I only got 2 numbers. The rest are either 1 number away or simply not just my number! Oh well, I am 1 day closer to my lotto jackpot. (Btw, I am not a regular lotto player. Just when I see an outlet and have some money to spare that I get to play and dream to win.)

While surfing the blogosphere, I was multitasking - working on my weekly to-do list, updating my planner and listening to old OPM songs which bosing gave me yesterday. Hmm...quite productive huh until I stumbled upon abuggedlife's entry - the winners from the recently concluded PBA2 (Philippine Blog Awards 2). And so I bloghopped from 1 winner blog to another. From an OFW blog to a call center agent's blog, I had fun reading all of them. Why? Because their blogs are real-life accounts of Pinoys here or abroad, OFW or yuppies, inglesero or jologs, mix-mix! Some really made me laugh, others made me think, some are simply prolific, some simply annoying because of cursing here and there. But overall, I had fun.

Oh, and before I end this entry, maraming salamat to lolo duddy & lala for sending a box of goodies (read: sangkatutak na chocolates at kung anu-anu pang pampa-hyper!) to us. Special mention to lolo duddy for not forgetting my Noni's biscotti and my dried maple leaves. Yes, real maple leaves. I use them for my limited edition (naks!) autumn-inspired invites. Hmmm...amoy isteyts! haha!

As for my work, I managed to revise submitted 4 drafts to my clients while bloghopping. My to-do list, well, that's what I will work on next after posting this!

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PoPoY said...

hey how u doin???

thanks for visiting my site.

natawa ka dun?lols :)
balik lang ng balik :)