Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inspiration anywhere

July 12, I had to go to Manila to deliver my client's invitations and get some supplies. It was stormy and traffic was everywhere. I decided to kill some time at the mall. While waiting for my client, I thought its a good idea to try Tia Maria's - a Mexican restaurant. I've always wanted to try their tacos (yum!) and so I thought this is the right time coz I'm looking for a place where I can write.

The soft tacos were huge and came in 2's with chips & salsa on the side! The waiter was fast in giving me my order except for one - my drink! It seems like they were all busy with the coming of new customers that they forgot that I haven't have my drink yet! I was done eating the 1 1/2 of my tacos when I finally gave the waiter a dagger look and told him I'm almost done eating still without my soda! Anyway, they finally gave my drink and since I don't have much left to eat, just stayed a while read my Freestyle book.

Just when I thought I had a bad first-time experience with this restaurant, the paint job on the ceiling caught my eye. I love the detailed paint job they did - in thin stripes of different bold colors. An idea popped up and I was inspired to work it on my journals. Here they are:

Another great way to use up those teenie-weenie scraps of paper! Try it, you'll love it! Ciao!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh, I do own a blog!!

Haha! You think I forgot that I have a blog?!? :) Yeah, right. Been a bad blogger for a week because of the creative chaos I'm into.

Last week, I was given a short notice that we are invited to the Market! Market! Bazaar from July 21-23. At first I was having second thoughts if we will join since this would mean we have to work on our retail products and we only have a week to go! But my staff were more than excited to join so that's a GO for me. :) I'll post some pictures of our retail products later. Whaat?! Me, post pictures??! Yup! I finally got the digicam I've been drooling for the past months - the Sony Cybershot-W70. After 5 years, my hubby and I decided our old Cybershot P50 needs to take a rest (rest coz it will be our kids' camera in their discovery of digital photography!) It burned a hole in my pocket but its ok. Nothing can replace the precious moments I can capture on my kids with a picture. Don't let those moments pass you by...

So, I'm off to take a shot of my latest work today. Be back! Ciao! :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Design Marathon

After a sluggish week, I told myself I have to get up my b*tt to work on my pending designs. Monday is such an important day for me in a week since I somehow believe that if one starts the week right on Mondays, the rest of the week will follow. But of course, life is full of surprises, but at least it works for me! :)

My creative juices are overflowing yesterday as I began to work on my to-do list. It was fun creating new designs for my clients and I even managed to squeeze a new design that a ribbon I bought 2 weeks ago inspired me.

Until today, I still have new designs popping out of my mind and I have to grab this opportunity to work on it or else, it might go pfft! I have to put them in my sketch book in case my "dementia" strikes again. Ha! No, I'm still young (in a way!) but I really have bad memory. Any woman who has undergone 3 general anesthesia can agree with me. :)

So today, I made a lot of samples, emailed them to my clients and added another pile of photos waiting to be uploaded to my website. My website?! Waaaahhhhhh!!!! I forgot that I gave myself a deadline to upload it! When was it???? :(

In the meantime, I have to cut this blog short first to attend to Mommy duties - its almost 6pm here and I will put on my "teacher cap" first to study with my kids. Haay! Study time. I pray to the Lord to grant me more patience today! :) Ciao!

Ooopps, I forgot to post one of my outputs! Here it is:

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fresh Upload {on a not-so-fine-day}

This week has been cruel to our health because everyone in the household seems to either have a bad cold, nasty cough or aching joints! No, we don't live in Golden Acres for the latter. :) It's just that the weather here in our place can't even figure out for itself if It should be rainy, windy or sunny so it just decided to have it all on the same day! So here I am, with a stuffy nose, a voice Inday Garutay would have a run for her money and nebulizer on stand-by in any case my asthma attacks after 2 years of hibernation.

Amidst the unpredictable weather, the news of a Fresh Upload from myscrapworks web editor & designer is enough to brighten up this day. Wonderful.Creative.Passionate People! This is my latest "adventure" for the love & passion of scrapbooking & anything handmade. Will discuss about this in my upcoming posts.

Meanwhile, have to get my b*tt up and running to clean up my messy SOHO coz the people of Entrepreneur (Phils.) magazine are coming over this afternoon for a photo shoot of, what else, my home-office! Of course, it includes me as well. :)

Wish me luck! I'll try to stay away from the dust to keep my asthma at bay though.... (wonder what kind of cleaning will I do with that?! Ciao! ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now this one looks a LOT BETTER!

Thanks to my hubby. He taught me a little html (actually, he just emailed me the code & I just pasted it! haha!) but I still have a long way to go. I don't intend to make a career out of this html thing but I think it pays to know some - at least for the benefit of your own blog or website. :)

So what's next??? The header is a peek to my "ancient" website that's taking me years to upload. Not that I'm still on dial-up, which I'm not (thankfully!), but the OC (obsessive-compulsive) in me wants to upload it in FULL running website. But I think in my case, that would be impossible. So after years of contemplating whether I should upload it or not, I WILL... just give me a couple more days to at least make all the pages running. Waaahhhh!!!!

If you click on it, it will take you to my "vintage" website - my 24-hr gallery of invitation designs. But be sure to remember my blog's URL since I (read: my hubby) haven't figured out how to open my website in another window. In time it time....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It took me a while to start a blog since I'm having a hard time updating even my own website what more a blog! But here I am hoping to at least give you a peek to my world { iCreate }. Here you'll see projects I am busy working adventures as a work-at-home journey.

Ooopss! I'm still figuring out how to add a graphic header. Don't know about .html coding so give me a few days to figure this one out!