Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inspiration anywhere

July 12, I had to go to Manila to deliver my client's invitations and get some supplies. It was stormy and traffic was everywhere. I decided to kill some time at the mall. While waiting for my client, I thought its a good idea to try Tia Maria's - a Mexican restaurant. I've always wanted to try their tacos (yum!) and so I thought this is the right time coz I'm looking for a place where I can write.

The soft tacos were huge and came in 2's with chips & salsa on the side! The waiter was fast in giving me my order except for one - my drink! It seems like they were all busy with the coming of new customers that they forgot that I haven't have my drink yet! I was done eating the 1 1/2 of my tacos when I finally gave the waiter a dagger look and told him I'm almost done eating still without my soda! Anyway, they finally gave my drink and since I don't have much left to eat, just stayed a while read my Freestyle book.

Just when I thought I had a bad first-time experience with this restaurant, the paint job on the ceiling caught my eye. I love the detailed paint job they did - in thin stripes of different bold colors. An idea popped up and I was inspired to work it on my journals. Here they are:

Another great way to use up those teenie-weenie scraps of paper! Try it, you'll love it! Ciao!

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