Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yeah right! I'm still here. Been sooooooooo busy for the past months that I've been a very bad blogger! :( A LOT of things happened...been crazy @ work, @ home, everything! And now, its almost Christmastime and we are extremely busy preparing for our first Bazaar on November 24-26 at the Noel Bazaar, World Trade Center Manila.

But first of all, for all those who watched me at Kabuhayang Swak na Swak at ABS-CBN and are asking me if I can conduct a sort of seminar - for now, I cannot fit it in my schedule because of my tight schedule till the end of the year. I really wanted to but I don't think I am prepared to conduct a "seminar" - I'm not yet an authority on that! But do check our website and this blog often for I will post tips on how to start up a similar business or any kind of home-based business so I can at least answer your queries.

I'm working my b*tt off in uploading our new website the soonest (for the loooooongest time!). Hopefully, I'll upload it within the week even if some pages are still in progress at least you'll see more of our designs and new products.

And speaking of our new products - we are very excited to tell you that beginning this Christmas season we are launching other cool and unique handmade products for sale as gifts for your loved ones and yourself. We have mini calendars, desktop calendars, cool journals (monogram design) and 3 more which I will announce soon. You'll love them as much as we do!

Note: Our Manila landline phone is still down, thanks to Groove, which is taking them for the looongest time (which I bet it will take up to next year or so!!! haha!) to fix our switch box. HELLO?! Its been 6 weeks since typhoon Milenyo, noh?! So to all those who are trying to contact us on a ringing phone at their end (but totally dead on us), please bear with us and just SMS or email us instead. We will try to get back to you the soonest.

Have to go for now, but will surely be back for the tips.

"Live life creatively."

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