Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Matters Most...

Yesterday was such a BUSY day for all of us. We can all feel the tension and excitement on the upcoming bazaar. It was a good feeling. Everyone is "hyper" and all the more exciting! :) But when friction is developing among some of my staff, it banishes away the exciting part :(

I was quick to notice it and I just had to remind them, including myself, that we all have to ENJOY THE PROCESS. I don't even want to give them quotas to produce more but to simply enjoy the company of each one while making our handmade products. Profit matters but its not our ultimate goal. Its the spirit of making handmade gifts for people to appreciate and enjoying the process. Money will come next. As I told them, "its NOT WORTH IT if we come up with great products in large quantities but the trade-off is broken relationships." Im glad everything is back to "normal" - the tension is there but we all learned to work together to achieve a common goal while enjoying the process. :)

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