Sunday, November 12, 2006

Slowly but surely....

Been on a roll on a Saturday afternoon - printing 2 invitations on 2 printers and working on my new website at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! :) I guess I really work at my best when time-pressured (not "peer-pressured" - its a different thing!) - keeps the adrenalin rush pumping! Haha!

Here's a peek to my main invitation page:

Im working on uploading the about & contact us pages today and taking pictures of our new products. Hopefully, by midnight, I'll upload my new website. Haaayyyy!!!!

Meanwhile...I still owe the people inquiring about how did I got about my business. I actually posted 2 days ago the 1st part of the series but when I clicked on the "publish" button, goodness! my pc hanged! Oh I have to retype it all over again. Just waiting for my writing mode to kick in....just need some "upper".....COKE!!!! (the soda huh!)

"Live life creatively."

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