Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of cupcakes and Smartbro

I made this birthday invite for a friend on her birthday next month. I'm into cupcakes lately and I love Andrea Victoria's Cupcake Princess digital kit. I love how the browns and pinks look great when combined. Yummy! Makes me want rush to the nearest Go Nuts Donuts for their oh so delicious cupcakes! :)

On a sadder note, Smartbro sent us 2 repairmen to replace our antennae in the hope that our internet connection will go back to normal speed (when I say normal speed, it is by third world country standards!) In the end, the same repairmen told us to just switch to PLDT dsl or any DSL provider since there's nothing they can do with our speed - it is Smart's cellsite that has the problem - OVERLOADING. It can just accommodate up to 40 Smartbro subscribers but at the rate of their new installations is going, this will really be the case. Huuwhaaaatttt??? So it means that if I stick with Smartbro, I'll be paying Php988 for a connection speed of 53kbps???!!!!! Now, that is what I call CHEATING THE CUSTOMERS! Goodness!

Haaay, sorry for venting... but I just have to let this out or else....baka isang araw na lang pasabugin ko cellsite nila! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

My mojo is back!

No, I don't have a Chiuaua just like Sam Witwicky. My mojo in scrapbooking is finally back! I made 2 layouts this week and 1 mini album but I cannot show them here yet.

The first layout is for Round 2 of Scrappin' Moms Idol Challenge. The 2nd layout and mini album will be uploaded soon. By the way, I made it in Round 2 and off to Round 3! I just hope I'll have enough powers for this round coz I'm having sleepless nights thinking of what to do next. And if ever I get to sleep, its still in my dreams!!! Waaahhh!!!

Some of you may not understand what I'm talking about but for a scrapper like me, I make sense! haha! I better start my entry for Round 3 today so I can get it off my mind for next weekend's Wedding Expo at the PICC Forum. Next week will be invite designs & website. I enjoy doing weekly challenges even if sometimes it really cracks up my brain & nearly gives me nosebleeds! It makes my (scrapping) life more exciting!

Ok, back to work....Happy Friday to everyone. Long weekend so have fun creating memories!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not too SMART...

Haay! Its been 2 weeks since we started experiencing sloooooooowww connection from SmartBro! I already called their customer care hotline but our connection is still the same. Image, 53kbps???? Hello????!!!!

To add insult to the injury, I had NO MORE connection for the last 2 days! When I called up their hotline, no one answers and its just their irritating background music that will keep you company until your phone bill shoots up!

So why am I here posting??? I just found out that the cable connecting tot he antenna was disconnected! I remembered hubby mentioned that when he and Loui went outside to close the windows, she got tangled with the cable.

I have connection now but still 53kbps!!! My goodness! It will take me ages to upload pics to my clients, my family plus the fact that we are paying almost 1 thousand a month for a slower-than-dial-up speed, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

Can anyone recommend a "better" provider??? :(

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just a couple of new creations...

I have been busy with scrapping for the past 2 weeks but that does not mean I was not "working" on my hobby-business. :)

I am now beginning to realize that it is worth my investment the machine cutter I bought early this year. We have a fast turn-around time in our production not to mention we have streamlined most of our processes, from paper inventory to assembly. The only thing I was not able to do this week is to continue my website. I did some tweaking on the graphics & most of the pages are now in their "correct" size and format. My target this week is to work on the gallery and I am ready for the upload. That is.... I have to finish my article and layouts for this week's challenge! :)

Meanwhile, here are some snippets of the invites that we made this week:

Today is family day and some girl bonding with my friends. Will be back tomorrow (and back to work even if tomorrow's a non-working holiday. yeah, that's how it is when you are self-employed! ha!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Round 2

Yesss!!! I made it to Scrappin Mom's Idol Round 1!

Whew! It was really a challenge for me - making a layout with just cardstocks and no patterned paper! But honestly, I really thought I am not gonna make it coz all the other contestants are REALLY GOOD, AS IN!

But this is the beauty of challenges - they make you think outside the box! For me, I am being productive, scrapbooking-wise. :) But of course, my other creative "job" (if you can call it a job, for me, its passion and still is) comes first. At least, I have another creative outlet when my brain gets tired of designing invites, I can redirect my thoughts in preserving my family's history. Talk about hitting 2 birds with one stone. :) I love this hobby!

But the EXCITING part was when I checked my email, I was surprised to see some girls congratulating me! "For what?", I thought so.... So when I opened the emails - Wow! I was the Joy Uzarraga's (guest judge) Pick of the Week! What really touched me was her comments and reason why she picked my layout. She took time to read my journaling & she got my "reason" behind that cherry blossom tree I made. Thank you, Joy!

So, 27 of us are off to Round 2. This week the challenge is to just use 1 color on the layout - be it carstock, patterned paper, embellishment, paint, etc.! Wow! Will I survive this round??? I don't know. I feel like my nose will bleed as I think of what to do on this round. haha! :)

Meanwhile, I would like to share with you another layout I made after my Scrappin Moms Idol entry. I promised myself to make at least 2 LOs everytime I pull out my scrap stuff and make a mess, para sulit ang pagkakalat! haha!

Lastly, thanks to Alby for nominating me for this:

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just as the rain...

starts pouring in, my creative juices start flowing in, too! Thanks to the encouragement of friends and a challenge I am slowly getting my groove back. If not for hobby-biz, I will still be scrapping today, haha! But I also need to take care of my biz because it supports my scrapbooking & the people working with me.

I managed to finish my entry for the Scrappin Mom's Idol contest 1.5 hrs before the deadline. I guess my brain works faster and efficiently when there is a deadline! hehe. After uploading my simple layout (this is all I can squeeze from my brain!), my office is a mess - lots of stuff lying around, strips of paper, adhesives, ribbons! Haay!!! All this mess for just 1 layout???!!! So, I decided, I'll take the day off from work and just scrap 1 more or even 2 para sulit naman yung kalat ko! Maybe this is one thing that keeps me from scrapping - I hate cleaning the mess, putting back my stuff to their places. If only I can just leave all my stuff as is without having to worry about my kids messing up with my scissors, adhesives, papers....haaayyyy, I can scrap anytime the creative juice kicks in!

And so I made another layout - pics from my kids' Halloween Party in school last year. I got to use my supplies that have been there for quite some time. I only noticed that the sticker border is shorter than 12"! Nah, forget the OC-ness! My kids are happy when they saw the layout and to me that is the BEST PART of all!
A BIG THANK YOU to all who emailed me, left msg on cbox & gallery for encouraging me to scrapbook and continue working on my website. Salamat po!!!

And how about my website???? I didn't work on it since last Saturday (went out of town with hubby & friends for 3 days) and have not touched it since then. That is why I scrapbooked - to take a break from what happened and to recharge. But I'm not giving up...will work on it again soon.. no one else will do it for me anyway. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I wanted to cry.......

In fact, I am sobbing as I type this blog. :( huhuhu... After working on about 28 pages and 6 days, I just found out I made a terrible mistake on my website!!! I used layers instead of tables and now I had to resize almost everything, reposition and tons of copy/pasting to do to display it correctly. Most of the pages were not done from templates so I have to edit it one by one.... I feel so stupid but what can I do? I took up a 2-day Dreamweaver course 5 years ago and just "re-learned" it last week? waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! yoko na!!!!

So I guess I won't be uploading my new site tomorrow....its impossible for me unless I plan to kill myself. Sorry.....