Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not too SMART...

Haay! Its been 2 weeks since we started experiencing sloooooooowww connection from SmartBro! I already called their customer care hotline but our connection is still the same. Image, 53kbps???? Hello????!!!!

To add insult to the injury, I had NO MORE connection for the last 2 days! When I called up their hotline, no one answers and its just their irritating background music that will keep you company until your phone bill shoots up!

So why am I here posting??? I just found out that the cable connecting tot he antenna was disconnected! I remembered hubby mentioned that when he and Loui went outside to close the windows, she got tangled with the cable.

I have connection now but still 53kbps!!! My goodness! It will take me ages to upload pics to my clients, my family plus the fact that we are paying almost 1 thousand a month for a slower-than-dial-up speed, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

Can anyone recommend a "better" provider??? :(

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~currant7 said...

What provider are you using?
I know PLDT's 2k yata is fast and definitely worth the extra since you get a faster and more reliable speed. You can also try cable since I'm sure you already have cable at home. Not sure how much since we are on PLDT.