Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of cupcakes and Smartbro

I made this birthday invite for a friend on her birthday next month. I'm into cupcakes lately and I love Andrea Victoria's Cupcake Princess digital kit. I love how the browns and pinks look great when combined. Yummy! Makes me want rush to the nearest Go Nuts Donuts for their oh so delicious cupcakes! :)

On a sadder note, Smartbro sent us 2 repairmen to replace our antennae in the hope that our internet connection will go back to normal speed (when I say normal speed, it is by third world country standards!) In the end, the same repairmen told us to just switch to PLDT dsl or any DSL provider since there's nothing they can do with our speed - it is Smart's cellsite that has the problem - OVERLOADING. It can just accommodate up to 40 Smartbro subscribers but at the rate of their new installations is going, this will really be the case. Huuwhaaaatttt??? So it means that if I stick with Smartbro, I'll be paying Php988 for a connection speed of 53kbps???!!!!! Now, that is what I call CHEATING THE CUSTOMERS! Goodness!

Haaay, sorry for venting... but I just have to let this out or else....baka isang araw na lang pasabugin ko cellsite nila! ;)

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C70 said...

cute invite, Airees!

hmmm.... I thought that Smart and PLDT dsl were one and the same! ????? I subscribed to PLDT DSL sometime ago and they eventually announced that all subscribers will be passed on to SMART. So, we now have Smartbro. WEIRD!