Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just as the rain...

starts pouring in, my creative juices start flowing in, too! Thanks to the encouragement of friends and a challenge I am slowly getting my groove back. If not for hobby-biz, I will still be scrapping today, haha! But I also need to take care of my biz because it supports my scrapbooking & the people working with me.

I managed to finish my entry for the Scrappin Mom's Idol contest 1.5 hrs before the deadline. I guess my brain works faster and efficiently when there is a deadline! hehe. After uploading my simple layout (this is all I can squeeze from my brain!), my office is a mess - lots of stuff lying around, strips of paper, adhesives, ribbons! Haay!!! All this mess for just 1 layout???!!! So, I decided, I'll take the day off from work and just scrap 1 more or even 2 para sulit naman yung kalat ko! Maybe this is one thing that keeps me from scrapping - I hate cleaning the mess, putting back my stuff to their places. If only I can just leave all my stuff as is without having to worry about my kids messing up with my scissors, adhesives, papers....haaayyyy, I can scrap anytime the creative juice kicks in!

And so I made another layout - pics from my kids' Halloween Party in school last year. I got to use my supplies that have been there for quite some time. I only noticed that the sticker border is shorter than 12"! Nah, forget the OC-ness! My kids are happy when they saw the layout and to me that is the BEST PART of all!
A BIG THANK YOU to all who emailed me, left msg on cbox & gallery for encouraging me to scrapbook and continue working on my website. Salamat po!!!

And how about my website???? I didn't work on it since last Saturday (went out of town with hubby & friends for 3 days) and have not touched it since then. That is why I scrapbooked - to take a break from what happened and to recharge. But I'm not giving up...will work on it again soon.. no one else will do it for me anyway. :)


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Anna Zalamea said...

Hi Airees!! I'm just now catching up - yay!! Cute LO! And I'm so glad you got your mojo back!