Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just a couple of new creations...

I have been busy with scrapping for the past 2 weeks but that does not mean I was not "working" on my hobby-business. :)

I am now beginning to realize that it is worth my investment the machine cutter I bought early this year. We have a fast turn-around time in our production not to mention we have streamlined most of our processes, from paper inventory to assembly. The only thing I was not able to do this week is to continue my website. I did some tweaking on the graphics & most of the pages are now in their "correct" size and format. My target this week is to work on the gallery and I am ready for the upload. That is.... I have to finish my article and layouts for this week's challenge! :)

Meanwhile, here are some snippets of the invites that we made this week:

Today is family day and some girl bonding with my friends. Will be back tomorrow (and back to work even if tomorrow's a non-working holiday. yeah, that's how it is when you are self-employed! ha!)

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