Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We're back!

We're back from a 3-day bazaar at the World Trade Center. It was OK but very tiring! I had fun eating lots of crispy siomai, prawn balls & lobster balls!!! Ha?!! No, we did not sell food. Haha! :) That's something I look forward in a bazaar aside from selling our stuff and meeting new contacts.

The bazaar gave us the first-hand experience on how our target market respond to our new products. We learned a lot and at the same time we were inspired by the way people react to our products. One old man told me "You know, you have good products. Very unique & personalized." It lifted my spirits!!! I simply thanked him and said "...and its proudly Pinoy!"

You know, when I started making handmade
invitations, not a lot of people were keen to the idea. I had funny and not-so-funny experiences when people see my invitations. Some were expecting the usual traditional invitation only to find out what I do is different! Sometimes, I'll have comments like "what is this???". But that did not hamper my passion. Not a single thread.... because it IS my passion - i love doing it plus the fact that I'm sure there will always be a few key people that would like what I do. And that family!!! hahaha! :)

Don't get me wrong. But based on my experience, friends come and go, but family will always be there and they are your strength. Ok, I'm getting out of topic here.....

What am I driving at??? Do not be afraid to be different, to think of something new, to change something that needs to, to be YOU. Expect that some people may not readily like your idea, some may even think you're nuts but don't give up. Master your craft. Your time to shine will come sooner than you think.

And now, I think my time has come..... :)

"Live life creatively."

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simply me said...

hey, when i sent out my wedding invites.... they didn't say "what is this?" they said.... "WOW!"

thanks for the very nice invites that you did for my wedding! =)

love, love, love it!