Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh, I do own a blog!!

Haha! You think I forgot that I have a blog?!? :) Yeah, right. Been a bad blogger for a week because of the creative chaos I'm into.

Last week, I was given a short notice that we are invited to the Market! Market! Bazaar from July 21-23. At first I was having second thoughts if we will join since this would mean we have to work on our retail products and we only have a week to go! But my staff were more than excited to join so that's a GO for me. :) I'll post some pictures of our retail products later. Whaat?! Me, post pictures??! Yup! I finally got the digicam I've been drooling for the past months - the Sony Cybershot-W70. After 5 years, my hubby and I decided our old Cybershot P50 needs to take a rest (rest coz it will be our kids' camera in their discovery of digital photography!) It burned a hole in my pocket but its ok. Nothing can replace the precious moments I can capture on my kids with a picture. Don't let those moments pass you by...

So, I'm off to take a shot of my latest work today. Be back! Ciao! :)

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