Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mobile phone was stolen!

EDITED March 23 - My Globe # has been RESTORED but you can still contact me thru my other numbers. Thanks!

Just when I have the time to post on my blog again it would have to be a sad news :(

Just today, after watching Christian Bautista at Robinson's Place with my kids, I noticed my trusty N73 & camera case were stolen from my bag! :( I was holding the camera and we were about to leave the mall. My bag's zipper was half-open and it was just a split second. I had the bag infront of me but for the very short moment when I lifted my arm to take a quick shot of Christian, GONE! Oh well, I am just sad more so because of the contact numbers, pictures & videos I have in it. :(

Anyway, the number 09178132821 is temporarily disconnected (I had the phone cancelled. Good thing I had the IMEI # with me). It will be restored within the week but you may contact me thru my other mobile # 0922-248-3456 or landline 517-3742. Thank you!


Lee i. said...

so sorry to hear about your cellphone. ang bilis ng mga magnanakaw ngayon.

Mia Castrillo said...

Hay, I lost my cellphone also a few months back. Super hassle no? hope you're ok now.

Your Friendly Online Hobby Bookstore! said...

hay, mine was stolen a few weeks ago. You knew about that. Sigh. Glad you're okay and unharmed. I'll email you my number. Take care!

Rhonna Farrer said...

so sorry to hear about your phone.
hope you get this in time to pop over at midnight (MST) for a special surprise!