Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Awards

A good friend Mia gave me these awards. Thanks, Mia, for remembering me (even if I rarely update this blog! hehe)I need to mention 5 addictions and pass on to 5 bloggers:

I'm addicted to:
1) chocolates + coke - they are my "rewards" for a day of work

2) books, magazines, journals - i'm OC when it comes to my books & magazines: i like them arranged neatly and in order in my bookshelf. I don't like them to have creases.

3) scrapbooking stuff, cute papers, especially handmade papers - obvious ba?!

4) my computer + internet - i need these to run my business

5) right now, i'm into gel pens, glitter pens in different colors!

Most of the friends have this award already, so just consider yourself tagged by me. :)


Mia Castrillo said...

Hi Airees! At least may nasulat ka na sa blog mo. Hahaha! Miss you girl! Hope to see you in CDO soon!

Au Lim said...

thanks for the visit! yung wheatgrass seeds, juicer and the trays, i got from my SIL's friend Lily. I haven't met her personally because i just ask SIL to buy for me. But Alby bought from her too. Her cell number is this: 0917-9158670.

The soil naman, i found the best at Green2000 Garden Center found inside the Manila Seedling Complex (cor of EDSA and Quezon Ave. so you can miss it). Ang name ng soil is Buhaghag propagation mix. You can use regular soil din pero mas madali lang kasi yung mix and its very consistent. Green 2000 also have wheatgrass implements but i found Lily's supplies and seeds to be better. So yun lang and have a great day :-D