Friday, May 22, 2009

Mt. Rushmore Child Learning Center Graduation Speech

In 2 weeks time, Loui will be in Grade 1, and another exciting year has begun. New friends & classmates, lots of school activities (which means more photo op for mommy = more photos = need to scrap them) exams every week! I will miss our everyday lunch together and our home will be 4 hrs. quieter until she & Vcoy come home from school.

I'd like to share my Thank You speech before the parents and graduates during Loui's Graduation in Pre-School after she had her Graduation Speech.

"Good afternoon parents, teachers, ate’s & kuya’s and graduates. I am very honored to have the privilege of speaking in front of you today. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all the parents and families for a JOB WELL DONE! WE made the right decision to enroll our children in Mt. Rushmore Child Learning Center. We would not be able to see our children as to what they have become in the past 3 years without our wise decision and continued support to them. THANK YOU!

Teacher Ella, we thank you for the passion and courage in putting up Mt. Rushmore. We know how much sacrifice you have been doing being away from your children in order to provide our children the best school environment you can give. In God’s perfect time, we know you will be with us soon.

I never knew how important the role of a pre-school is teacher until I saw my children evolved from their 1st day in Nursery until today. Pre-school teachers are the ones that lay the strong foundation in our children that will empower them as they move on to the challenges of the big schools. And with that, THANK YOU to all the Teachers and caregivers. Keep the passion for teaching burning in your hearts. It is my fervent hope that more teachers will stay and teach the Filipino children. For whatever mistakes we made in our society, OUR CHILDREN have the power to correct them and make a change.

To the parents – it is not enough that we send our children to good schools. Nothing beats our love and attention to make them better persons. Believe in their abilities…encourage them to speak what’s on their minds… and listen to them… support them… while they pursue whatever interest they have.

And to you, our dear graduates, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK, SPEAK OUT… BUT ALWAYS with RESPECT. Everyday is an opportunity to LEARN and EXPLORE NEW THINGS. For it is not only your parents & teachers who teach you but we also LEARN FROM YOU. Again, congratulations & good luck to all of you."


Mia Castrillo said...

Love your speech! True, true! :D

Mickee said...

Clap, clap, clap... great speech!

Email me na lang at and hopefully we can finally meet when you're here... ;) Is the whole family going too?

Take care!