Friday, May 08, 2009

Busy Hands

It was raining hard yesterday and kids had nothing to do but watch, play with their toys and eat! This summer I tried to be more lenient with them which means no fixed schedule except their daily Kumon worksheets. I just let them play and recently, helped out in the kitchen baking cookies and cupcakes.

Vcoy knows how to fix our bed and he's gotten used to it that one day I automatically fixed it (coz I used to do it myself) and he complained. He asked me why I fixed the bed when he is the one to do it! Oo nga Mommy hindi consistent! :)

Meanwhile, Loui's task is to help clean up the dining table after lunch and sometimes, dinner, since she's ALWAYS the last one to finish! We've been recording her eating time for a year now to prepare her when she enters big school but sadly, on the scale of 1-10, maybe a 1 would do. Both of them wash their own glass every after meal.

Every afternoon they let their rabbit out in the garden for some stretching :) Ikaw ba naman ang ikulong sa cage the 1 buong araw pag hindi ka ni-rayuma! hehe! Afterwards, its patintero time with our neighbors - from the kids to the yayas to yours truly! I can say that my kids learn more about Filipino when they play with the other kids and its good that they learn to play patintero. I grew up playing the game and its a wonderful childhood memory that I also want my children to have when they grow older.

Yesterday, while my kids were watching tv, Loui, always with busy hands, made this:

She has a gift and we want to nurture it even if it means marker stains on her clothes and our bedsheets, ok lang! I keep all her drawings and would love someday to compile all of them in one book. :)

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