Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Been a bad blogger again but with valid reasons:

- Mom went home and stayed with us for almost a month which meant that I am officially her driver! No pun intended. I liked it because we continued our bonding time after I surprised her a 2 months earlier for a visit ;) Went shopping & ate out and just by simply driving along with her we had our long talks from jokes to sentiments to motherly & daughterly advices. Oh, I'm missing her now that she's back to the US.

- After mom left, I had to catch up with work! I'm not complaining though. I love how I am more involved with the production unlike for quite some time I've focused on designing. But this leaves me little time to FB ;) and more so blogging! But I am thankful - for this job I can call - I still love what I do and the heartwarming messages I get from every client after receiving their invites all the more inspire me to pursue my passion!

So now, I don't know when will I post again but I do hope this will not be the last for this year, haha! Have to go work on my speech (?!) for tomorrow's event. Secret muna...I just hope I'll make it good tomorrow. :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings! :)

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Jackie Paulson said...

I love your site we have much in common I love Ghandi, and Joel Osteen, how did you get that Joel Osteen Link on your blog? How did you get the butterfuly background. I am new to is mine: