Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2009 - The year that was...

Its been quite a long time since I last posted here. A lot of things happened the past year worth blogging here but I just didn't have so much time left to do it. Work (or what I call my passion) and family top the list and 2009 just went by! I didn't even had the time to wrap gifts much more make handmade gifts which I've always wished I would be doing come Christmastime. But even without the my traditional gift-giving among friends, what I really treasured this past Christmas season was spending time with family and friends - high school, college and balikbayan friends. Nothing beats that!

We celebrated Christmas day differently this time - we went picnic! I realized that we've been eating on the same restaurant every Christmas in Tagaytay and yet there's really nothing special in their menu...mas masarap pa lutong bahay! So this year, we decided to go on a picnic! This is the first time that the kids will experience it. It was fun and we had a great time enjoying the simple things - yummy adobo with egg, rice, soda, just lying under the big tree feeling the cool breeze - aahhh, the simply joys of life! We explained to the kids why we decided to go on a picnic - (1) to try something new & different, (2) its more practical (less expensive than dining in a restaurant) and (3) happiness is in the company of your loved ones not necessarily in a mall or fine dining resto or lots of foods on the table that you don't even know how to consume them all much more what to do come new year's eve party!

Work-wise, I can't complain. God has been very generous to me and my staff for continuous projects here and abroad. One of the highlights of the year was an article featuring me and my kids in Good Housekeeping Philippines on the column about Mompreneurs. :) Hopefully I can post pics here soon! I still have to scan it, haha! :)

Another memorable event was I got invited to share my humble beginnings infront of a thousand students from the different colleges & universities in the province of Cavite - The 3rd Cavite Entrepreneurship Students Summit. Believe me - I've always had stage fright and never in my wildest dreams that I would speak infront of a huge crowd. I accepted the invitation before I knew that there would be 1000 of them! I wanted to back out but realizing that this might be the 1st and last time that I would be doing this plus the chance to inspire those students to become entrepreneurs, too, I decided to do it! And thank God for giving me the courage. It was a very fulfilling experience and I am willing to do it one more time! haha! nawili...

On the homefront, kids have been amazing - in school and at home - assuring us that somehow we are right in raising them. We may not have more than what we need but we're happy and I know that God knows what our hearts desire even before we ask Him....

I'll try to post some pics next time. For now, I just wish anybody who's reading my blog a blessed 2010. May we all be safe and healthy. :)

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Alby said...

Great recap Airees! What a great idea to spend Christmas with a picnic. I'm sure your kids will really remember it and look forward to your next picnic.

And congratulations for the great business performance last year, the magazine feature and the opportunity to share your wisdom with kids. Sana nandun ako para matuto rin ako from your experience. I think it's a great way to pay forward the blessings you've been receiving. Great job!

Wishing you and your family more opportunities to experience God's love and abundant blessings this 2010.