Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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Mabelle and the team of MyScrapworks recently uploaded new articles for the site. May I invite you to come and visit us. And while you're there, please take a look at my new Trash-to-Treasure project.

Oh, and I get to "play" with acrylic sheets this time courtesy of M. The first project was to make a layout using a 12"x12" acrylic sheet. This was challenging for me since I haven't really tried working on transparencies what more on acrylic! Besides, I'm afraid I'd mess up the layout and it will really become very obvious!! :) But in the end, I loved how it turned out. The acrylic sheet is thick enough to hold your embellies unlike transparencies.

The 2nd project was a 3-panel 6"x6" acrylic sheets. Now, this one really cracked my brain! I've been planning to try working on minis but when I am faced with the actual size, I can't do it! I feel so claustrophobic that I end up putting all my materials back to my "to-do later" box! But this time, I cannot, since I already gave M my word that I will do this. :) It turned out good but now I realized maybe I should have put more cute rub-ons to enhance the pages but I am just starting my love affair for rub-ons so I only have a few. Maybe another acrylic mini book is needed for me to clearly see the beauty of this material with rub-ons, acrylic paints & stamps! Go ahead and try for yourself! You've got nothing to hide!

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C70 said...

that sneak peek looks really cute!