Monday, September 24, 2007

The Flipside of Me

Last Friday night, I wanted to just "play". So I pulled out my recent photos from our Ilocos trip and made a quick layout. I wanted to document these pictures (though I've been having second thoughts of posting these! hehe) for my kids to see me - not just their mother, but as a person - a normal person who can be flip sometimes (or should I say, most of the times!)...that IT IS OK to be yourself even if you look funny! My kids laughed (ewan ko kung pang-asar yung tawa nila kasi tawang-tawa talaga sila sa akin, knowing Loui, my 5-year old daughter, she has this laughter that will tell you that you REALLY are FUNNY!) when I showed them the finished layout. "Mommy is so funny!" (with matching tawa yan ha!). Suddenly, I began to think "did I made the right decision???? -to make that layout in the first place, then second, to show it to them????" Oh well, I guess, my layout was effective, coz my children saw me on that layout and that is how I want them to remember me.


Liza said...

fun layout airees! it's so refreshing to be on the flip side minsan ano. hehehe!

and congrats on your website. it's a great website. all your hardwork paved off kahit na nagbog down before. all worth it sya.


Lee i. said...

AY! Flip nga. This is quite unexpected specially as I've been used to seeing your classy and elegant designs. But this is a fun page and it worked, di ba? Galing ng doodling.

the dreamer said...

Hey, Airees. I think it's important to show our kids ALL the facets of who we are. Tama naman that we choose the memories that our kids will remember someday in our scrap pages and I salute you for being honest.

Oh and the idea that we should just have fun in making a layout from time to time? Amen to that, sister. =)