Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scrapbooking:Series: 12"x12" Vertical Paper Holder

I realized the benefit of vertical storage when I was re-organizing my home-office cum scraproom.

My patterned papers and cardstocks were on top of each other making it difficult for me to get the papers I want when I was scrapping. Why? 1) I have a huge stack and pulling even just one sheet of paper is like pulling a nail with your hands! The OC in me couldn't resist re-arranging them neatly in stack, per color (in ROYGBIV!), after I pulled out one. When I need another one, I go through the same process all over! I end up wasting my time without finishing my LO!

You would ask me, "what if you just put out all papers then just re-arrange them after I scrap?" I did that! I ended up with a lot of mess on the floor, my papers were either "gusot" at the corners or with dust! (haha! OC!).

I wanted to buy those Cropper Hopper vertical holder but its way over my budget! For around US$4.88 + shipping (almost Php250 each), I have to think twice.

I realized why not make a Pinoy version? I usually see file holders but not 12"x12". So with scrapbookers in mind, I developed 12.5"x12.5" handmade vertical file holders to be available locally. Here's a peek:

It sturdy enough to hold around 300-400 sheets of paper. I initially made it in dark brown and planned to put on my handmade designs (Php165). If you want to design it yourself, we will be selling them at the Megamall Bazaar for Php120@. You may want to start with buying 2 - 1 for cardstocks; 1 for patterned papers.

Price may be steep for some but we have to consider that it is made from chipboard and handmade paper and it is handmade. Labor and shipping costs were big factors in our costing. But its proudly Pinoy! (Support MSME's! :)

"Live life creatively."

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