Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Mosaic

Happy Monday! Just want to share with you another mosaic I made today. I'm loving these mosaics coz it makes it easier for me to share snippets of my life through these pictures.

(Top to bottom, left to right):

(1) A draft of the invitation we are working on this week. Don't be deceived by the looks of this invite... "nakukulot ang buhok ko jan!" or lets just say, it is challenging. :);

(2) Sunday morning (July 8), I let Loui play on my laptop. I was browsing the MOMA site (Museum Of Modern Art) when she saw an interactive tour of the Museum. So I let her browse the site while I try to read. I was surprised when she showed me the "collage" she made! She spelled out her nickname "LOUI". I printed it right away and showed it to her dad. We were both amazed at how such a young age, she is showing signs of great interest in the arts. :)

(3) I managed to read 3 past issues of Creating Keepsakes that I haven't opened since May! Great stuff! Lots of inspiration! I'm having an inspiration overload! Now I really got to work on my scrapbook! So much backlog!

(4) Finally wrote my TO-DO list for the week (and month) on my "new" Starbucks planner. How can I resist buying this collectible for just Php150 even if its half of the year already?! Even my practical hubby also got one! Besides, an idea popped in today on what I can do with this planner that will last for a long time. ;)

(5) I'm soooo loving this site! Makes color combination so much easier!!! Eye candy, too! I'm beginning to think about what paints to use on our walls; the cardstocks that I'm going to use on my layouts. :)

(6) Started out this week with paying the bills. My mom used to remind us when we were young not to pay or shell out money on Mondays for some superstitious belief. But for me, its like making things right at the start of the week, don't you think? :) At least I got a rebate from Digitel. :)

(7) A friend commissioned me to dress up my kraft letters as a gift for her friend's son who will have a birthday party this coming weekend. Will post the finished product after.

(8) Made sketches for 2 new clients so I can finally make the samples for them plus the other one pending by tomorrow. Need to finish these by Tuesday.

(9) I gave Loui a new set of pastel pens for her Spray Art and she played with it this afternoon. I can see that she is becoming a freestyle artist. Way to go, Loui!

We ended that day watching the Transformers (again!) this time with the kids. I love Bumblebee & Optimus Prime! :)

That's it for now. Have to rest...tomorrow's a busy day for me.....

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Anna Zalamea said...

i love these mosaics! i love Loui's artwork with the pastel pens!! what a budding artist!