Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Problem with my HEAD-er

I have migraine for the longest time but this time its not my "head" that is giving me headaches but my header (look up, yup, that's it!). :) I made it in Photoshop 1280x250 but it seems like it has a mind of its own! Its still small. I tried changing the template but it became worse - it was on the left side na while last night it was at the center. Waaahhhhh!!!!! My friend Diane already tweaked it but its still the same.

I know..."don't sweat the small stuff" but the OC in me.....aaagghh! Anyway, I'll leave it as is for now while I continue to work on some creative (hay salamat!) stuff due TODAY! I managed to finish 3 cards last night but I still 4 more to go & layouts. I feel like my scrapping mojo is coming back but with my folks flying in on Friday, I will have to shelve my scrapping chuvaness for a while to spend time with them.

5 more days before Christmas!!!!!


Mari said...

I tried to work on my header tonight, but I changed my mind. I might screw it up, so I'll just leave it alone. Yours looks okay to me. You must be a perfectionist like me. LOL

I'm bloghopping from Kneeko.

C70 said...

I think your header looks fine, Airees!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!