Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sneak Peak

I've been kinda sluggish for the past 3 days. I guess the heat of the summer is kicking in and many times during the day I find myself dreaming and planning where to go and what activities to do. :) Aaahhh, beach, watermelon smoothie (sans the seeds ha!), ocean breeze...this is the life! haha!
Now back to reality...
Here's a sneak peak of the invites I just finished designing and will be working in the coming days. I still have upload the ones I already finished and delivered though.
(1) Square invitation in summer color of fuschia & yellow green with a Filipiniana touch; (2) Eco-friendly invitation with real pine tree twig accent reflects the couple's simple yet elegant theme of their wedding;  (3) This is a first for me - working on black & fuschia combination but proved to be really cute - a reflection of the couple's personality.
I finally finished updating the inventory file. And while I was working on it, plenty of ideas & designs start to pop in my head I can't wait to work on them! But for now, I have to deal with boxes of samples lying around in my office for sorting & updating. Argh, the to-do's never end but then I'm not the type of person who will be happy doing nothing (ADHD haha!). :)

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