Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Walang ganyan sa States!"

I finally had the time to update my blog! Been very busy even after the Wedding Expo in Pasadena, CA. But let me give you some comparison about the wedding fair in the US and in the Philippines.

I truly admire Pinoys' ingenuity when it comes to design and innovation. In every Wedding Expo I've joined, the venue becomes an elaborate display of Filipino suppliers' creativity! Ang galing! It's not that I'm bragging...I am just at awe at how really creative Pinoys are! Each and everyone of us...its in our blood...we just have to nurture it and show it to the world. :)

I don't know about American Wedding Fairs here since I haven't attended one, but I will only make a comparison between the fair I joined here in Pasadena and the Wedding Expo Phils. in the Philippines.

One disadvantage of Filipino suppliers from the Philippines is that we cannot bring a lot of stuff to decorate our booth. Like myself, I have to limit my stuff to just 1 balikbayan box since I still have to make room for my clothes on my luggage. I have to hand-carry my laptop plus a client's invitation order! Though, it may look as a disadvantage, but I consider it also as a CHALLENGE for us to make do of what we have. Anyway, in my case, I managed to bring most of my designs and just displayed them on 3 albums and a tarpaulin to hold some of my recent designs. That's it!

It was not as festive as in the Philippines....though I guess, its the first time to have a Philippine Wedding Expo here in the States, we cannot expect the same huge crowd in the Philippines...that is why I said it was not as festive as I expected.

For invitations, people here are used to just choose from the designs that we have. When they knew that we custom-design, at first, they thought that we are expensive! Its because IT REALLY IS expensive in the US to have a custom-designed invite plus it is HANDCRAFTED! So I had to tell them that this is how we work and that we are very affordable especially that their $$ have better mileage than our pesosesoses.

Other Pinoys think that we might have different prices if they order in the Philippines than here. They think that I might charge more in $$. Of course not! Its not the way I work and think about money. Same price, wherever.

Anyway, the 1st Philippine -Los Angeles Wedding Expo was a good exposure for Pinoy products, not just mine but for others as well. I hope this will not be the last but just a beginning for the Filipino wedding suppliers to shine globally. :)

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