Friday, June 08, 2007

Good to be back home...

I arrived safely on June 3, 530am via PAL. It was a long and tiring 15-hour journey but all worth it. Had interesting conversations with 2 of my "seatmates" during the flight. I believe all the people we meet everyday, even for just a few minutes or hours, are meant to leave a mark on usin one way or another...

Anyway, after 3 hours, I'm off to the 2nd day of Philippine Wedding Summit as an exhibitor. Rampa ano! Thanks to my ever-supportive husband & staff who took my place during the first day. The fair went well but really, I am dying to come home and take a rest! Around 5pm, I began to feel sleepy because of the change in my timezone but with my husband to keep me from sleeping, I finished the fair wide awake. haha!

I "declared" this week will be a "No Work" week! I want to spend some time with my kids especially that my daughter just turned 5 last June 5. But with all the unpacking and putting everything in its place, I think it became an unofficial work week instead!

But I'd like to take the last 3 days to slow down a bit...need some R&R to recharge and get back to the groove for we have lots of projects in the pipeline...need to do some overhauling in our systems and product development. So bear with me...will be back by next week.

I love this shot of a sample I made while in the US. I love how the stone served as a backdrop of my invitation.

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