Sunday, March 02, 2014

My First Illustrated Recipe: Aglio Olio with Grilled Shrimps

NOTE: I moved to a new home on the web months ago at: but for some reason, I still see returning visitors on this site so I might as well update this whenever I can. Be sure to check out my new site as this may not be always updated. Thank you!
Last week, I managed to cook Aglio Olio with Grilled Shrimps. I was so delighted to garnish it with fresh basil leaves from my own garden that I took a picture and posted it on my Facebook. (it only means that my basil plant survived my black thumb! LOL!) A lot of my friends liked and commented on my post asking me for the recipe. I promised I will post it after dinner but I was exhausted after that I decided to post it the next day.
Saturday came and my migraine was starting to get nasty that I decided to just rest and try to sleep but the thought of my promised recipe kept me from sleeping! Ugh! And then OC-ness attack: I don't want to type the recipe with just pure text. It would be nice if I infuse some of my drawings and watercolor. Haha! This is what happens when OC-ness & ADD problems happen at the same time. You see, I should be doing something else more important and here I am starting another project again!
Anyway, I really had fun making this and I thought it would be nice to draw family recipes like this and frame them and give as gifts. Don't you think? Additional "career" eh?! Haha!
So here it is...hope you'll enjoy this simple recipe. I didn't include any measurement at all because it all depends on your taste. Start with just a little of chilli flakes if you're not into spicy foods then slowly add some more according to your taste. :)

Happy Cooking!

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