Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

NOTE: This was posted last Thursday on my new blog 
I’m feeling hormonal today…I wonder if this is normal for people nearing a new decade in their lives! As I tried to examine my feelings this morning, if they are valid or just plain biological, I started to count my blessings. I just got a good health report (after a series of roller coaster emotions and paranoia!); i have smart and good-hearted children; thoughtful parents and siblings; funny and caring friends; i have Smirnoff (no, not the drink, hehe! She’s my 2-year old chocolate Labrador) to keep me company throughout the day when the kids are in school; I get paid doing what I love to do in the comfort of my home; i have a roof on my head; a comfortable bed and room to sleep in; we have enough food to last us for days; I have a car, though quite old, but still gets me to where I want to go; I have a dear cousin who’s always there to help me out; and I have a very good, understanding, hardworking husband who, though a man of few words, patiently hears me out on days like this. I know he doesn’t understand everything that I say especially when I get too emotional, but he is there to just listen and make sure that I feel it. I am richly blessed!
So after all the drama-queen-thingy speech this morning, I felt I needed to have some “me time” with God through Joel Osteen’s podcasts. Its my way of reconnecting to Him and listening to His words for me. And yes, He is all I need. I just wanted to be assured that “all is well”. And I realised that I just feel physically tired of doing the daily chores around here and lately, I haven’t been creating something. I MAGNIFIED them as if I have a huge problem when really, its just that I am plain tired and needed some crafty time for myself!  See how the enemy can ruin our day, and lives in general, if we allow one negative thought to take root! It really pays to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS and BE GRATEFUL because they drive negative forces away!
And so, I had to switch to “feel-good” mode. First, I decided to cook my comfort food: my Aglio Olio with Grilled Shrimps :)


As I type this post, I’m feeling positive again…(bipolar lang any peg?! LOL!) and quite excited in the coming days! :) For some women, celebrating their 40th won’t be complete without new shoes, bags, clothes and make-up. But for me, I decided to enrol in my top favourite artist’s ( mixed media e-course.


I knew about this course last November 2013 but when I saw the course fee, I felt a bit discouraged, to be honest. I sent it out to the Universe and believed that it IS for me without thinking of how can I afford it. A friend of mine told me that anything for self-improvement is always a good investment! What an "enabler"! ;)


A few days before the e-course opened, my hubby gave me the go signal to enrol in the course! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Truly, when you really want something and you send it out to the Universe, it will conspire to make it happen for you!
Its self-paced for for 6 months but I haven’t started mine. Hopefully after the kids’ final exams, I can start playing.
I chanced upon another favourite artist of mine ( will be offering her first ever watercolour class and when I saw it, I felt deep down that this is for me.

The class opens on April 1. Now, this is one April Fool’s Day that I look forward to! :)
I have 2 more ‘LEARNINGS", one I’m taking in currently and the other one will be a day after my birthday that I’ll be saving for my post. :)
What book, short course or any hobby have you done/taken lately as a personal investment? When was the last time you counted your blessings? Love to you all!

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