Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dressed Up Monograms

I was invited by a good friend, Iris of SparkUp Planners, to hold a workshop at the Glorietta Homezone Area last February 17. I worked with one of our products, the naked monograms and dressed them up with patterned papers, acrylic paint. But this time, Iris suggested that I include some pictures to extend the use of the monogram further - as a photo decor.

I used the frame
die cuts-to-go by K & Co. and some too-small-shots that I have of my daughter. These shots were put to good use since they just fit right to the frame.

This project is so easy to do. You might want to try them. These are perfect unique gifts for your loved ones. Just get a naked monogram (of course, from us!), some acrylic paint (for the sides of the letter so you wont have to cover it with patterned paper), patterned paper, and some embellishments.

Trace the naked letter at the back of the patterned paper. Remember to mark each side of the letter with 1 or 2 and its corresponding number on the patterned paper so you will have the exact pattern for each side. Cut and set aside.

Paint the sides of the naked letter first. Don't worry about getting the pain over the front and back side of the letter since you will cover these with patterned paper.

When dried, adhere the traced pattern to the corresponding sides. You may want to use sand paper on the sides to make the edges smooth.


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