Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Plum + Gold = Elegance

2 weeks ago, a classmate of mine in high school contacted me to make her invitations. When she came up with her motif, I knew it will make an elegant invitation.
She wanted it simple but elegant. Sometimes, people see handmade paper as very casual or informal and they don't think it will make an elegant invitation. But I want them to look at our paper in a different perspective this time....I love how the dark shade of plum blended with gold - it made the gold beaded butterfly stand out all the more!

For the accents on the left side of the invite, lately, I'm into pearls and laces because I see them as symbols of elegance, of royalty. And since I'm a 3D person (I can't stop myself from adding something 3D on my invites! It feels "bland" and flat if it has no 3D embellishment.)

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