Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My old number is back!

After 5 long days of calling Globe's customer service and believing that they will restore my line immediately, I passed by The Hub yesterday. They just found out that SM City Sta. Rosa Globe Business Center entered a WRONG (as in a totally different number!) serial number from my SIM! I swear, if I have a heart problem, I'd die on the spot! Their customer service couldn't explain what's wrong with my SIM and always promises that my line would be back. If I had not gone to the Hub, I'd be waiting in vain and lots of lost clients!

Imagine what carelessness (or stupidity for that matter!) can do.

I thank Mr. Lloyd Santos of The Hub Glorietta for bearing with me. Even before I flare up, I told him not to take it personally. I am just pissed off with the person/people who entered the wrong serial number BUT I told him it is unacceptable for me to wait another 2 DAYS for the sim to get activated. NO WAY!

So, he went back and called up their Engineering Department and within 30 minutes I have a signal! I guess sometimes it pays to be the "other side" of Airees at times like this. :)

So, this is my OTHER number (though I am still keeping the 521... for the meantime, just in case...) +63917.8132821

I hope this will be the last of the not-so-good 3's that happened to me last week.....

I wish you all well.

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