Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Try at Digital Scrapbooking

I love scrapbooking! Its not just the yummy papers and embellishments but the STORY behind the pictures. I feel that I have the responsibility to preserve our family's precious memories so that my kids and future generations will know who we are and how we lived our lives in our time.

With "traditional" scrapbooking, I use acid free papers & a thousand and 1 embellishments! You can ask my fellow scrapbookers and for sure each has her own story to tell - from hoarding scrapbooking supplies to having her own scrap room, to scrap challenges and EBs.

But now, I am trying my hands on digital scrapbooking. All elements such as papers, ribbons, and almost all of the embellishments we use on traditional scrapbooking also have their "digital" counterpart. They are equally YUMMY! ;) - the only thing is that digital is FLAT - you cannot feel the ribbons nor the textures of the paper. But feeling flat doesn't mean seeing flat. A lot of digital designers are now making real-life elements that you can hardly tell it is digital.

I made my first digital layout last year. After that, nah... I just lost the momentum. I still wanted to work with my hands getting all the glue and paints all over... to have all the paper scraps under my table but in the end, a physical layout for my family to enjoy looking at.

But when I tried using Photoshop Elements, hmmm... I had second thoughts. With its easy interface, even a novice scrapbooker can start making digital layouts in a jiffy. So without further adeu, here are 2 of my layouts (they are just kits though I added a few touches):

Credits to Olivia digital kit (1st pic) and for the 2nd pic). Photos taken by me & V (they are our guinea pigs! thanks c & m!)
Hopefully next time I'll do better than these 2. :)

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