Monday, March 19, 2007

Finding My Place Under the (Philippine) Sun

A friend of mine texted me last Friday morning (March 16) telling me that he saw me on the Inquirer. Ha?! I was surprised! "May napatay ba ako?!", I asked. "Hinde. Andun ka sa 'the person above-mentioned is no longer connected with this company!", he joked. :)

So, I drove and looked for the nearest newsstand to buy myself a copy of the Inquirer. And yes, there I was! It IS ME. I didn't expect that the article would land on the Inquirer. The correspondent, Ms. Donna Virola, interviewed me on the last day at the last hour of the Tagaytay Bridal Fair last Feb.26. It was NOT planned. She just happened to pass by Brahma Kumaris's booth and there she noticed my booth. She asked my staff where I was and when I came back, next thing I know is that we are having a conversation under the stairs!

It was a hush-hush interview plus she ran out of battery on her digicam after snapping 2 pictures of mine! She just told me that the article will appear on a CALABARZON daily and might be on the Inquirer. That is, if PDI will choose it.

Among the 3 articles that featured me (ME Magazine, Feb. 2005; Entrepreneur Phils., Sept. 2006), this is the one that captured the WHOLE OF ME. From my sago't gulaman days to macaroons, to my depression, it is ME. And I am not ashamed to let you know that that is how I started. :)

I received emails, calls and SMS from different people that day telling me how they were inspired by the article about my simple beginnings. I am happy to know that somehow my story inspired some people and has given them hope that THEY,TOO, WILL FIND THEIR PLACE UNDER THE SUN.

You can view the article online at

"Live life creatively!"

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Mickee said...

Congratulations Airees for a well-deserved article.

Happy, happy birthday din! More blessings to come!