Thursday, July 19, 2012

Collage Paper Wallet #6: Missing Loui....

I was on a roll in making the collages...I need to do this to keep me sane. I miss my children very much. Everyday seems to be a lost opportunity for me to spend time with them. But this is just temporary, I know. Though we keep in touch throughout the day, thanks to Facetime, iMessage, Photo Stream and emails, being physically with them doing things together like biking, walking with our Lab, Smirnoff, making assignments, baking or just watching TV together, is a lot different.

While going through my papers, I found myself drawn to these colors and I kept on thinking about my daughter, Loui. I don't know why...maybe I am looking forward to spending time with her, do girly stuff like shopping, watching movies, eat waffles and create art.

So here it is...a design I made with Loui in my thoughts and I'm sharing this with you.

Inside: Holds 4 cards and a paper bills


Bhane said...

Love it... Pinangalanan mo na agad... Di na puwedeng hingiin...lolz... Make more!

Hey Kessy said...

Beautiful collage on your wallet! :)