Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love Your Own

On ordinary days (ie. running errands like grocery, going to the bank, etc.) I prefer wearing jeans/shorts & shirt & flip flops since we live in a tropical country. I just need my car keys, mobile phone & wallet. I'm not usually fond of carrying bags everywhere I go. So when we came up with our own version of handmade paper wallet I gave my big, thick & heavy (not because I have lots of money but the wallet alone is!) Girbaud wallet a permanent vacation. I took with only the essentials - a few bills, 1 ID, 1 credit card, 1 discount card & 1 ATM card. That's all I need. Talk about simple living and I love it! Now, I can just put it on my back pocket or in my wristlet along with my phone.  :)

I've been using this wallet for several months now and its still okay. The original print is a damask design (see previous post) but I just found myself "playing" with one of my washi tapes and decided to give it a new "look". ;)

Up close:

I'll be posting more of the new designs I made for the past 2 weeks. I hope you'll like them :) Have a great week to all of you!


Bhane said...

Naku super love! Ako yung kaisa isang gawa ko eh ayun di pa din tapos... Keep on posting girl para marami akong pagpilian :)

Jen T said...

Hi airees!! How much tong damask wallet mo? Wholesale price? Please email mo ko ah.