Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris in My Mind & Tribute to Hey Kessy

This is my 7th Paper Wallet Design...whoohoo!!! :)

I've been dreaming of going to Paris and the rest of Europe for years now. I bought stickers, papers, stamps - everything Europe for my vision board. It may not happen this year but I will make it happen in my lifetime! :) Hello, Universe!!!

So to put my stamps in use, I decided to incorporate them into my wallet design and Hey Kessy washi tapes. By the way, Hey Kessy is my source for washi addiction in the Philippines, lol! ;) They have nice and affordable collection of washi tapes and their projects are enough to make you fall in love (and make you buy, haha!) these pretty tapes!

1 comment:

Hey Kessy said...

Thank you for sharing this nice idea, Airees! :) We'll try to do this too ;p