Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Promise Fulfilled....

I'm still on a creative rut eventhough I'm excited to start designing. How's that possible???! I don't know! But to get things going, I tried working on a promise I made to my son & daughter - that I will make each for them a journal.

They always ask me for papers to draw onto and we end up having lots of them! I wanted to preserve them but I'm afraid our house will be full of papers 5 years from now! And when they saw my very own journal with my monogram, they also wanted to have one but not just the monogram...but their names!

The 2 journals (green & fuschia pink) were on top of my work table long before Christmas - untouched. :) Last night, I decided to finish them so they'll be surprised when they wake up this morning. And they did! Loui likes it so much she has her drawings on it already. I'm glad they like what I did.

This morning, I finally uploaded the design for a client. I hope she'll like it. I'm off to 3 meetings today.

It's back to reality.

Airees :)

"Live life creatively."

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