Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My new "babies"

No I am not pregnant nor I have adopted a new "little monster"! :)

I knew sooner or later we will have to get this "baby" and I guess now is the right time. As new projects are due this month, we are faced with a situation - our "suki" cutter informed us that they will not be able to service our cutting and trimming needs because they are busy. You know, the printing presses are busy churning out tons of paper (poor trees....) for ballots and campaign materials because the national election is gonna push through in May. And so the day I dreaded came...

I had to make a quick decision. With hundreds of invites due and none of the papers are cut, production cannot move. Our clients are gonna kill me! :) So I called the sales agent and ordered my "baby".

I broke the bank for sure but its a HUGE relief for all of us because this baby really cuts through. Now, we don't have to worry about scheduling of cutting and I don't have to travel 30 minutes just to get to the cutter taking away 2.5 hrs at least of my time just watching and praying the cutter makes an accurate cut! We now have a faster production and turnaround time because this baby. She just sits here and ready anytime we need to make a clean cut!

For my other bebe, we've been eyeing this one since last year but we just couldn't afford it yet. I guess even in making real babies timing is just as important. Haha! And there you go! I am typing away this blog on my new bebe that I can bring along with me when I have meetings in Manila and still work on my vintage website@work in between. And hopefully, this bebe will be a big help on my work!

And so these are what I call my new babies! (minus the diapers, milk and poo!)

"Live life creatively."

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