Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad Girls Class 5 - Unity

I didn't expect that I will still be in Bad Girls Top Designer School. But I am happy that I am beginning to incorporate scrapbooking in my life weekly, if not daily. Here is my entry for this week. I don't expect to make it, but its enough for me to finally make a layout of some of my "reminders" to my kids and be able to submit my entry. For me, this is as important as winning. (although the goodies are too tempting! hehe)

Here are more detailed pics of my layout:

For the journaling, oh, this is kinda long. If you can bear with me, read on. If not, its ok. :) I had so much in my mind & heart to say to my kids and how WORDS really matter and so I was able to fill up the spaces with my journaling. It was spontaneous and I really like it when I am in the mood - I just keep on writing and the sticker words kinda fell into place.

EDITED: In my hurry to post my entry, I forgot to tell what the heck the photo of my kids is doing on my layout!! Those were the days when my kids are starting to write. My DD cannot spell yet that time, but she knows the first letters of our names and so she wrote VM *heart* LD which means Vcoy (DS) Mommy *love* Loui (she) Daddy! While my DS drew Mommy as wearing a towel! haha!


Phew! This has been a real challenge to me - how to achieve unity on my layout! But the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the assignment, WORDS just kept popping in my head. I wanted my layout to be something my children will not just look at the past but also LEARN from us. And so, I used WORDS to unify my layout down to the journaling (literally & figuratively).

It was so timing that I just got a chalkboard patterned paper (Karen Foster) & the yellow CS matches the exact shade of the yellow border on my son's Sketcher. I used some accent of blue paint to unify my layout with the powder blue bed sheet.

I covered the chipboard letters with text patterned paper to unite with my layout & the title. Also, I'm very happy that some word stickers that I have for the longest time I was able to incorporate in my journaling.

JOURNALING ON TOP OF PAGE (sorry, kinda long):


(on top of the layout) >>

In my life, I have seen how words affect our lives. From the time we learned to say "Mama" when we were babies to the more complex words we can learn from the dictionary, words are part of our everyday lives. We LEARN to express our emotions not just by LAUGHing or CRYing but we (give) put words on our FEELings. And sometimes these words can be misunderstood by some people & thus, can MAKE or BREAK relationships. That is why I try to live my life with a SENSE of responsibility for the words that I say in speaking my mind. I am not, rather, I should not be afraid to express myself but I also have to consider what my words will have an impact to the ones who hear or read them.


To MY CHILDREN: let this be a reminder to you - words are powerful but in expressing yourselves, you have the responsibility in everything you say. Words that have been said cannot be taken back once it has affected someone's feelings. So be careful in choosing your words. In as much as I want you to BE TRUE, be generous in praising others' works. Let them know how much you appreciate them... say it! Don't be afraid to say "I love you" to a person if you feel like saying it. But always BE REAL. I hope you will always REMEMBER this - mommy

Ooppps! I forgot to include my supplies list in the gallery!
Here it is: Bazzill yellow CS; Karen Foster Chalkboard patterned paper; Narratives by Karen Russel patterned paper by Creative Imaginations; Jenni Bowlin text PP (letters); Maya Road & 7 Gypsies chipboards, Urban Lily rub-ons, Creating Keepsakes word stickers; Making Memories acrylic paint (blue); pen, masking tape.



Ria M. Mojica said...

What can I say Airees? Luckily, I've also learned that, in most cases, a heartfelt "I'm Sorry" goes a long way to mend broken bridges. Of all your entries in Bad Girls, this is the one that really spells out A-I-R-E-E-S! Good luck, girl!

C70 said...

Airees, this is such a powerful page! I love the journaling! Good luck!

Lee i. said...

Hi Airees, love the journaling. Thanks for the words of wisdom.